The Abbott and O’Farrell Show in Australian Government

Well it’s Monday and you can tell it’s Monday because laughs are over unless of course it’s the sound of my hysteria due to yet another stellar decision on behalf of Mr Abbott and the puppet theatre called the federal government.

It seems that opening his mouth only to stick his foot in it hasn’t deterred Abbott from making some rather excessively stupid remarks of late and worse wanting to transfer those ideas into legislation.  One of the most recent of these was regarding our native forests.

Save the trees - their our dinnerIt seems Mr Abbott is convinced that we have too many trees, I don’t think our native animals would agree there nor would our O2 levels.  Despite several reports directly opposing this point he is determined to pursue the option of reducing the amount of protected areas in and around Australia.  Remember ladies and gentleman this is the man that as one of the first moves he made as Prime Minister divested his cabinet of a Ministry of Science and Research.

save the koala's dinnerThis attitude toward our environment immediately seemed like a wonderful idea to the NSW government who are already offering themselves up for future Fracking. But in the meantime they appear to think that woodchipping is the way to go with our native forest.  For those who are interested please feel free to click on the link Stop Woodchipping Native Forests and add your name to the list of those attempting to stop this travesty as well as read about some of the other issues that our Greens Senators are dealing with.

Really makes me wish I could take the O’Farrell government in NSW camping – and if you’ve seen my post Why I don’t camp you’d understand my intent.  Where’s a python when you need it or at least a crocodile.

7 thoughts on “The Abbott and O’Farrell Show in Australian Government

  1. That’s horrible!! I don’t understand how politicians can make such decisions, can decide that insta profit is far more important than preserving the further of the country and of the planet! It’s selfish on so many levels!
    When I was a kid,maybe 8 or so, I used to go to logging sites and year off all the markers for the trees that were meant to be cut down. I wish I were more involved in That these days.


  2. Now I know why Callan Park closed down – the nut cases all joined the Liberal Party and occupied the old Rum Hospital!


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