Weekend Funny Challenge



OK – I will admit to carting my soap box around with me from time to time but if you’ve read some of my posts in the Enjoy a Rant section you’ll understand why and that while I try to lighten the load where I can there are some situations that even humor cannot leaven.  Because of this I’ve decided that weekends will be devoted to the fun.

I’d like you to think of one story, joke or picture that has stayed with you and never fails to give you a laugh – even if no one else gets the funny, maybe especially if no one else gets the reason you dissolve into a small quivering ball of giggles and snorts.

From Friday Midnight until Sunday Midnight EST Unload and Unwind will host a variety of humorous posts that are anything from a funny story, a classic cartoon or saying even a stand-up clip.

Showcase just what makes you laugh and share with all of us the humor that makes you YOU! All you have to do is respond to at least one of the posts and when you are ready to load you own post don’t forget to include the URL of this the original Weekend Funny Challenge.

161 thoughts on “Weekend Funny Challenge

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    • I’ll be starting it up again this weekend – the past two months have been a bit hectic work wise and then things went to hell in a hand basket politics wise here in Australia so I was a little sidetracked. I’ll put up the reminder this evening. 😀


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