Good News – Bad News

Thankful this Tuesday

All the petitions, all the protest and all the money we raised to send experts to speak with the World Heritage Committee has paid off.  Abbott’s attempt to de-list part of the old growth forest in Tasmania has been blocked by the World Heritage Committee and there is a great deal of relief mingled with embarrassment for everyone involved.

The relief is for the support of the previous listing and the embarrassment is because our Prime Minister ignored the preliminary warning from the Heritage Advisory Board which said quite plainly that they would advise a rejection of the proposal and it should not proceed to the committee.

Abbott insisted on pushing onward to our public shame and has now been both rebuffed and rebuked publicly for the attempt.

in danger listing

Australia will be a red dot if we don’t act soon.

We are also facing censure in regards to The Great Barrier Reef as UNSECO has refused to remove the threat of listing this World Heritage Site as ‘In Danger’.  Twice the decision has been put off by submissions from the Australian Government but the threat has been renewed.

It appears that we have until 2015 to have an acceptable policy for care of the reef.  If we don’t Australia will be the only First World Country to have an ‘In Danger‘ listing to a world heritage site, adding even more international shame in regards to our conservation policies.

turtle-sliderIt is even more damaging in that the Great Barrier Reef is one of the Great Wonders of the World and it appears we are not treating it with the respect it deserves especially in regards to recent decisions regarding dumping and the proposed expansion of the Abbott Point Coal Terminal.

The World Wildlife Foundation’s Great Barrier Reef campaign leader, Richard Leck, says time is running out:

When organisations like UNSECO use language like “concern” or “regret” that is very significant, it doesn’t get much more significant than that. And what we’ve seen in this decision today is a reflection of what thousands of Australians and leading scientists have also said – that the decision to dump in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area is an appalling decision, it needs to be overturned, and dumping needs to be ruled out forever and a day. [The ABC]

anti abbott

From March in March

We’ve had a win for the Tasmanian Forests but the Fight For The Reef is still ongoing and it does not appear that our leader has been at all daunted by the very public censure from the World Heritage Body nor the ongoing negativity from other world leaders.

It is very obvious that he remains [deliberately?] blind to the very real unrest and unhappiness with his government here in Australia so I do not think we can relax our stance over the LNP policies in any way. Thank you to everyone who signed the petitions regarding upholding the World Heritage status in Tasmania.

I’m sure you’re as pleased as I am that they will be safe from this governments attempts to strip mine this country of its assets.


15 thoughts on “Good News – Bad News

  1. You go Girl! Well written. I can’t speak for the World, but I know that I don’t blame Australians for the stupid decisions of one man – Mr. Abbott. You guys are doing all that you can to get him out and I have no doubt you will succeed. Actually, here in Canada, Australians have an excellent reputation. They are considered kind, caring, down to earth , tough and smart. After all, Britian dumped y’all down there with no support and you built a first world nation in a few centuries (what took Britain 2,000 years to do) that is respected the world over. It speaks clearly to the tenacity and caring of your people. Thanks for a great post and update. Jenni. glad you’re back.


  2. Most politicians live in denial, since they enjoy privileges that most of us can only dream of, then blame us for our poverty. That sort of projection is very common in the ivory towers. Lovely blog, thank you! xx 😀


    • Thanks for taking the time to drop in and give some feedback. Yes I would agree that a large percentage of our leaders tend to live in a world divorced from the reality that most of us live in on a daily basis. It makes them dangerous because they have no idea of the kind of struggles most people deal with and as such see no need to help.


  3. Well done. Keep going. Stopping politicians from their own stupidity is essential. And of course well done to all Australians for overcoming the burdens of history. Frankly it’s the Romans fault. I’ve they hadn’t tempted us with straight roads we’d never have wanted an empire.


    • Darn those pesky Romans – who needs an empire it’s hard enough to manage a single country let alone a collection of them. Certainly our leaders seem to have a hard time understanding how to represent us fairly.


    • I’m so glad all that effort in the past and all the support here and now wasn’t wasted. It should never have been proposed in the first place and when the preliminary finding was handed down saying to reject Abbott should have pulled the submission. Now he looks foolish [yay] but it makes Australia look bad internationally. You should be very proud of your son by the sounds of it. 🙂


  4. Now get over here and do your magic here. Stripping our resources for China seems the norm here… Everyday in the Port of Oakland container ships are being filled with cut 40 foot logs heading to China… 10 logs to a container.. For what? Who knows?


  5. #Yay and oh my goodness, didn’t he make the Australian government look like an absolute farce with what they attempted to take to the table.

    *shaking my head*

    Blessed are we, however, that they didn’t have a leg to stand on.


    • The man is just embarrassing but what is worse is that people voted for him!! I’ve been a little busy recently but I’m back in the world of blog and will be doing an Oz Update on the many wonderful things the Abbott government has brought down on our heads.


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