Python vs Crocodile – Who’s your money on?

After my little posting foray into the VERY valid reasons I have not to camp I have decided to follow-up with the promised Python vs Crocodile that happen in Mt Isa, Queensland this week.  So the battle begins:


Python vs Crocodile the battle begins


Well so far it seems that the rather LARGE crocodile doesn’t have a lot to worry about does it.  Of course in this shot we really can’t see ALL of the snake so let’s go in for a closer look shall we.


Battle shot 2


Hmm that does put a slightly different perspective on what is going on, however crocodiles are wily creatures and one of the few still left from the age of the dinosaur that has never had to evolve or change to live in its environment so maybe things will work out for our fearsome friend.


battle shot 3


Hmm perhaps not.  Oh well down the hatch.  This little python has had his fill I would say and will be off home to sit and digest for the next week or two at least.  Let’s say goodbye as it goes on its way (and pray to whichever deity comes to mind that it doesn’t reside in the roof of a house where most carpet pythons do tend to live, hope this one lives in a cave or at least a silo).


goodbye python


So just in case there were any doubters as to the lack of spine on my part when it comes to camping all I have to say is – Have you been paying attention?  I’m half the size of that crocodile, in fact that croc could have made a meal of me easily and look what happened to it.  

Once again I would like to point out that these shots weren’t taken in the back of beyond and while Mt Isa is a country town it is still a rather large town with mines attached in and around the surrounding area.  Go further out west or into the gulf country you can just about double the size of everything.

6 thoughts on “Python vs Crocodile – Who’s your money on?

  1. My money would be on the Python, the python can squeeze the Crocodile with the Crocodile not being able to reach the Python and the Python is quicker than the Crocodile, I would imagine.


  2. I posted my answer before I read the rest of story and although my thoughts on it were very different from what I saw in photos, I was on the right path. 🙂


    • It would seem so, I would have thought that the croc would win as they are very fast and can be almost as bendy as a snake. That was until I saw just how big the snake was and then I knew the croc was dinner for sure.


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