This is Why I Don’t Camp

People love to expound on the beauties of nature and wonder of living close to the land.  Well I have to admit ardent environmentalist that I am I am also the biggest anti-camper you may ever meet.  I would preach in churches, by the roadside (as long as it wasn’t too close to the bush), in shopping malls and wherever I could to expound on the dangers inherent for the Australian Camper.  However this little writing challenge has provided me with a perfect platform to show once and for all that camping is a contact sport when it comes to the Australian bush.  So let us begin with finding something to eat:

possum eats snake 1

Python vs Possum and I’m afraid the possum is not at the advantage – now for all you sceptics out there this shot was taken three days ago by a woman in her backyard on the outskirts of Brisbane  – the capital of Queensland and not in the middle of the outback.  I will say that this is just a carpet snake and not the largest of its kind, which generally resides in the roof in suburban areas and goes out periodically to dine. Now onto finding the perfect spot for dining of an afternoon.

snake eats possum 2

Ah yes the shady spot in the corner of the yard, just where you might like to sit out of the sun and read away the afternoons heat.  If you looked up you could still see the possum’s tail just hanging there.  Bad news is the possum is still alive and will be until it suffocates inside the snake.  Finally we move on to finishing up before going home:

Snake eats possum 3

So now that we have that cleared up does anyone dispute my right not to camp.  This is just a mid size python and not even poisonous.

The wonderful thing about Australia is that if it can eat you, poison you, sting you, paralyze you or just flat out kill you we have it here in the water and the outback, under the house and in the back shed, by the woodpile and in your garden.  If you look up the top 10 most deadly of any species chances are (outside lions etc) you’ll find one of ours in the top 5.  I will be putting up another post a little later of python vs crocodile – you know just for fun.

Weekly Writing Challenge – Threes

18 thoughts on “This is Why I Don’t Camp

  1. Isn’t it 75% of the world’s deadliest snakes that reside in Australia? Add to that crocs, jelly-fish, giant tse-tse flys and I’d stay away from tents and sleeping bags too. Great post with equally great photos. I’m still shivering…


  2. Camp in Australia? Now, after checking out your other Python post, I don’t even want to set foot there! Jeez, I’ve never been one to run from spiders, but yours frankly creep me out, I’d never snorkel in your beautiful waters, and now this. Dang, lady. No wonder Aussies seem so tough. You are!


    • Darn I knew it – I’m going to have the tourist board knocking at my door asking just why I’m scaring people away.

      Snorkeling in and around the reef is usually quite safe and if you’re smart you don’t get into trouble in the bush – it’s really only people who seem to ignore the danger signs a go swimming in shark or croc waters that really have to worry. Oh yeah best to check your shoes before putting them on.

      Other than that … well yeah it is a little on the wild side at times but still very beautiful. There are also the mega cuties such as koala’s and wombats etc.


      • First, my broke-#ss self won’t be going anywhere for a long time to come. Second, the tourist board should pray I stay away. The first time I visited another famous island tourist destination,it had it’s worst hurricane to that date. The next time, an earthquake.

        Last, much though I would indeed melt at the sight of your koalas and roos (“awwww” factor +10), if I ever get two nickels again, I’m headed for Rome! (and Florence…and if I can squeeze in Venice…)


  3. All good points, love Rome myself – the art and history is amazing.

    You sound like my mum when she travels, Mexico and the earthquake – we get the call that it’s been sooo exciting and she was mugged and her phone stolen – how interesting is that.

    Jerusalem – the bus gets shot at – we received a POSTCARD saying how wonderful Captains Choice Tours are and exciting and wasn’t it ‘clever’ how they made sure the bus was bullet proof.

    Typhoon in the philippines and Oh lets not forget the uprising in Korea. Thank goddess she has the money to go on those private little group tours and they’re better prepared that a royal tour.

    Some people take the excitement with them when they travel – you obviously take the weather. Hope you do get to travel where you want and not cause any major shifts in the planets eco-system at the same time. lol 🙂


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