My Argument is Made

anti camping

Image courtesy of Simple Capacity

In an earlier post I talked about the variety of quite reasonable reasons that I have for not camping however when I came across this little meme I felt that it really spelled out in quite simple terms why camping isn’t really something that I feel the need to do EVER.

I hope you enjoy this little laugh and the first contribution to this Weekend Funny Challenge and if you have come across camping horror stories, have some of your own or simply wish to poke fun at me for preferring room service on my holidays please feel free to send them here.

Or you can post them on your own site with a link back to the Weekend Funny Challenge Page by including the URL in your post to create a ping back.  Have a good weekend all and remember despite everything that is going on around us it is important to take the time for laughter.

20 thoughts on “My Argument is Made

  1. When I took my sons camping I ended up doing everything while it was a hassle having them even go get water…


    • My family had to trick me into camping once – they told me we would be staying at a farm-stay when we went canoeing down the Mary River – big liars. We did stay on farm land but not in a house, we used tents. Was not a happy camper AT ALL.


  2. Ha! My idea of camping is a 40 foot motorhome with hydraulic stabalizers that can be controlled form the driver’s seat when stopped. Proper manipulation of these stabalizers can cause a cold can of beer to roll down the length of the floor to the driver’s hand.


  3. Definitely not a camper, either, although here in the Northeast US we don’t have quite the level of dangers you have there. I tell people I don’t need to camp becuase I grew up in a house in the woods. Seriously, camping is way too much work. I prefer a nice bed and breakfast or inn.


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