Stream of Consciousness Whingeing

It’s raining again and I’m sitting here trapped inside, even though I probably wouldn’t be going out today – but that isn’t the point, the point is the winds are building to the point where even my sturdy frame get sent sideways and the rain is more like sheets of water rather the pretty raindrops from songs written by people that have never walked in tropical north Qld rain.  So I’m trapped and like a child who doesn’t want a toy until someone else is playing with it I don’t like it.  I feel like pacing but that may require more energy that I’m willing to put into a weekend style sulk so sitting at the computer whingeing about it seems to be the best option as far as useful occupations are concerned.  Now I’m worrying about the garden – yes the one I’ve only glanced at while taking out the rubbish this week.  Suddenly I’m filled with worry that my hibiscus won’t survive and should I go out in the rain and get the lemons off the lemon tree even though they’re not really ready for picking.  I mean what happens when we move to hail – and trust me with the sky this colour it is coming.  No my husband has said he will bar the door if I try that – silly man he just should have offered chocolate.  That and mention that the cyclone is 350 km/hr off coast of Townsville and is moving south west toward us at about 9 km/hr and increasing winds are to be expected.  So nope not going anywhere except to the lounge to read the new J D Robb – Concealed in Death which I just downloaded to my kindle.


Stream of Consciousness Saturday Writing Challenge

4 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Whingeing

  1. Hi there, wow I feel trapped reading this. Even though we had no cyclones the storms in Britain this winter nearly drove me crazy. You have all my feelings with you and a cup of tea (or coffee if you prefer) and a home made cookie (the husband is a baker 😉 ). Take care and stay safe Bee

    Oh I found your entry via SoCS from Linda G Hill


    • Thanks – it appears it has tapered off now and fortunately we only caught the tail end of cyclone Lucinda but it did make a mess. Your husband is a BAKER – you lucky thing, I have a weakness for baked goods. Glad to see you here and hope you come back for another visit.


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