Slavery in Modern Australia

The LNP and its leader are now officially worse than the despotic Roman Emperor Caligula  when it comes to social welfare for the populace and equal to his view of them as little more than a docile workforce.  In its Election Budget 2016 it is using a modern day version of slavery as an incentive to business owners to take on interns.

Sounds good so far, after all interning in a wonderful way to work your way into a career of choice, so why do you ask am I tossing around words like slavery and making comparisons to dead Romans.  Well here’s the nasty; for every intern hired they will be payed $1000 while the intern themselves will be payed half the Australian minimum wage [$4/hour], not by the business owner but by the Australian government or should I say the Australian taxpayers.

An $840 million Intern plan seems to be its best effort to prove that the LNP cares for the Australian middle class and working man.  It has been called everything from simply illegal to outright slavery and STILL Malcolm Turnbull is touting THIS as his best effort to be seen as innovative with jobs and growth. [we’re all going to get sick of those three words over the next few weeks…..ewwww slogans for election time]

I’m not sure if what I am feeling is laughter, hysteria or the building of an incredible rage; but for now all  I know is that slavery has just become the LNPs election platform and best hope…… for all of us they cannot be allowed another term.

This wonderful take on this part of the 2016 Election Budget expresses my hysteria, distress and anger so well.  It is a brilliant piece of satire so brutally honest that you have to watch it over and over just to get all the nuances.


10 thoughts on “Slavery in Modern Australia

  1. You are right, Jenny it is a scam scheme. Turnbull said, it is so the young learn how to get up and get ready to go to work. They have to learn the routine to get to work. But after six months, they are on the scrap heap again and the employer can apply for another intern and a $1000 bonus. And there is more, a tax cut for the rich and profitable companies. The profit will go straight overseas and we will be waiting for the trickle down effect. Some people call it “Voodoo Economics”.

    When will the Australian voter wake up to the fact that they are being conned? The voters should desert the Liberals in droves. Vote Liberals last, please!

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  2. Ha! You are on a roll Jenni. That type of subsidization is not uncommon. We have similar programs here in Canada – BUT – they come with a caveat that the employer has to create a certain number of full time full wage jobs by the end of the program. So, they may have 6 interns paid by gov’t funds, and then at the end of 6 months be required to hire the best 3 full time for a minimum period of, say, 2 years. It is not a general program by any means – it focuses on specific trades and specializations that change year over year. Git out the whip!

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