14 thoughts on “Truer Words were Never Written

      • Me too – books have gotten me through some of the worst periods in my life and some of the best. Prior to Kindle [although I do prefer the ‘real’ books] I was running out of room in my house. There have been years where I spent more money on books than rent – and have NEVER regretted it.


  1. I guess I’m in the monster group … but I don’t ever dog tag the pages. I fold the page in half or when I can I use the book cover as the bookmark. Do you hate me? Please don’t shoot me … and if it was your book (or anyone else’s book) I’d use a bookmark … It’s only MY books I do this too. I do have some respect! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. As a writer and a reader, the association with book is the true essence of life and living, living a much more purposeful life. What we read and how we read makes a large difference in our life. The way we treat and handle our book is a significant component in that engagement and engaging in a courteous way is a window to fostering better relationship with the thoughts that gets emanated from the book.

    In order to mark a beautiful engagement with the book, it has to be the bookmark not the fold which affects the soul that is so much lying within the lovely words nicely spread on the white space of each page…indeed this is a much needed thought provoking idea for the weekend.

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  3. There are times when you lend to somebody, the lender beomes the owner and you lose it forever. Mostly these people would have rarely read it and it gathers dust wherever they had dumped it…

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