This Will Break Your Heart

I came across this video clip on Viral Protest for Australia’s Environment and simply couldn’t believe what I saw.  The images here show just what impact humanity has on this planet, even when we are not even there.  This is Midway Island and it has no human occupants, the majority of the wildlife is made up of birds and yet we’re managing to kill them with our careless disregard for the world in which we live and all the other species we share it with.

Please share this with others as it is the one of the most damming pieces of evidence against those who would claim that we are not doing any significant damage to the environment – I’d love to see them explain this. You never really think about what people just carelessly toss off a bridge, a bottle cap or empty wrapper, ever wondered where it went – well watch and see just where some of it turned up.


22 thoughts on “This Will Break Your Heart

  1. WHOA – at first, I was thinking, “Yea, this is how Earth looks to the Environmentally Enlightened. You see all of these birds, living, feeding, conversing, enjoying life within this space – just as we do on this planet, how TERRIBLE would it be, if another “DOMINATE” species came to Earth and destroyed our way of life, all for some reason that really would not matter”…

    THEN –

    We see homeboy snapping pictures of these birds…. after consuming debris? That really was brand new. Was not expecting this.


    • I know – it shocked my cold when I saw it for the first time. Like getting a bucket of cold water poured down the back of your shirt. Such insignificant things people would give no thought to and there they are killing those animals.



        This LACK of knowledge of our place on this planet, the stress and strain that we apply to it – WHICH is not needed one bit – every single day is what’s tearing us down.

        From America to Australia, we have the power to fix this situation.

        Thank you for another motivational comment.



  2. Reblogged this on Ruben Bernardino and commented:
    We need to take responsibility for our actions. We must gather unprecedented courage and integrity to question what has become unquestionable, untouchable and sacred to us: our ‘way of life’. Thank you Jenni for such moving images. Hopefully we still have a little bit of humanity left, just enough to react.


  3. This is one of the most disturbing videos I’ve ever seen. Nothing can have as much impact as pictures–they’re worth a thousand words, and the ones that come to my mind aren’t very nice! This is so important to be aware of to share. Thank you for bringing this further to our attention.


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