Food For Thought – Perspective on the Environment

enviroThis little rumination really needs no explanations. Sadly there are still those who refuse to acknowledge the impact we’ve had on the planet.  There are those who say that the earth has undergone changes before that wiped out life and changed the climate but what they are overlooking is for the first time it is not a natural event or an accident (such as an asteroid) but simply human disregard for the world in which we live.

30 thoughts on “Food For Thought – Perspective on the Environment

  1. I am convinced, humans are detrimental to the Eco system. Many will not considerate their actions impact our beautiful planet. I was so upset when I learned about Australia okay ing a project, that will affect The Great Barrier Reef. And how The Amazon is being sold and ultimately desecrated. We have so many beauties that will become a distant memory due to greed and negligent practices. When I decided to open my business, the environment was on my mind: using recycled packaging, reusing shipping boxes, purchasing glass jars so customers can repurpose them and supporting companies that manufactured in a The U.S. THIS was difficult to find but not impossible. I’m happy I did, because it really is just a small step in sustainability and preservation


    • There may be some good news regarding the Great Barrier Reef as the case is being heard in the high court to prevent the government overturning part of its protected status. Will give an update when GetUp posts the latest from the appeal.

      I’m glad you made the effort to think about environmental alternatives when starting your business I only wish more would consider it. Even just changing one or two things would make an impact if every business did it.


      • Jenni, that is awesome news. I’m hopeful! Looking forward to that post.

        For me, it was a given.i really wish all companies would really consider this. Instead, they worry about profits


  2. Trying to get people to look at the big picture, especially when they have relatively stable, good lives with the status quo, is a marginally doable task. My biggest concern is that there is a tipping point buried in the normal balance of nature and that before we can point at environmental disasters to get changes made, the whole thing will go into the drink with no hope of recovery.

    My second biggest concern is how we go about replacing renewable resources. For instance, here in central and Eastern Canada, large companies say they are replanting as many trees as they are cutting and point proudly to the numbers. Very nice, but guess what? They are replanting diverse ecosytems with one tree variety – black spruce. And they do that because it grows fast (can be harvested sooner) and is the best wood to process for pulp, etc. No thought at all goes into the destruction of diversity. One bug could rip through this homogonous forest and destroy it all and with it every living creature that depends on the forest. We’ve done the same thing for bananas – we’ve bred them to satisfy consumers and have reduced a huge diversity to one variety. The natural gene pool has already been effectively destroyed. No one notices because they can still go to the store and buy their favorite bananas in whatever quantity they want.

    There are oodles of other scary examples just like the one above. Like fracking or drilling in the Arctic or high risk deep sea drilling. Our activities are getting riskier and riskier and one day I am a-feared we are going to pay a price we can’t afford for our actions – the loss of the very conditions that allowed humans to develop and survive on this planet.

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    • Oh don’t get me started on Fracking – we’re in for a fight here with the Federal government trying to push legislation through that will allow it even though the company to whom they wish to grant the permits has just contaminated the Pilbara water basin with uranium levels at a lethal ratio.

      I think what you are talking about in at the beginning of your comment is something they call an Event Horizon – it is the point once reached there is no going back. Normally it applies to air flight etc, the point in the journey when you have to continue as there is not enough fuel to return. It is a very real concern – and one that could happen faster than some might think as when it reaches crisis point it would most likely go with a domino effect, one event leading into another until there was no way to stop it.

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  3. Reblogged this on Animal Love and commented:
    I’m reblogging this because I think the message in this post needs to be spread as far and wide as possible. It doesn’t say anything new, but it makes you think about it in a new way.


  4. I think people don’t wanna know about it! They are just to comfortable in their own way of life, that d-change is not possible! we should live closer to nature! I try to do the best i can to help to change the world, but it’s so difficult to explain. I am a vegetarian and i don’t want kids. I don’t own a car and have an ecological footprint of 2.8 but i always have to explain myself why I am like I am. If i say that eating animals is the thing that destroyed the world the most! I’ve even been told that it’s very selfish to not want children, while I think that already having 2 million orphanages in Kenya. People don’t need 5 children. But I can’t talk about this, when you tried to start a conversation like this people get really angry. I am not saying that you shouldn’t eat meat or you shouldn’t have children , I am just saying that we should think about it. Like eating less meat ( men only need 100gr a day),Now what you are eat, try to be buy local products, don’t throw away food! maybe also have less clothes but more sustainable.. and maybe having max 2 children is enough? in general be more aware and not to close your eyes instaed because it’s to difficult. Just some thoughts. 🙂

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    • I think you were right in the first sentence. People just don’t want to think about it let alone talk about and can become quite angry and defensive if pushed. It is good to see the you think about your impact on the world as well as understanding that each person may need to approach things differently. Jenni

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  5. There are so many things that i think are awe full in this world, Hunting! for example, drilling the arctic, hunting whales, throwing stuff away to buy the same stuff, throwing fish back in the sea, nearly dead because they just wont to for the restaurants, the Costa Rica gold issue, the corruption of many governments, over consumption, all the zoo’s and sea world over the world, Montesanto..and so much more. Don’t get my started 😉 I try to do as much as I can, When we take a plain, we do carbon-offset, I take the clothes that I will need, not more and the rest of my luggage I fill with Things for the poor. clothes, soap , toothbrushes. I collect stuff from the hotels we are staying in and give them to the local poor population. I wish i could do more.. but I am not rich or own a big company that could help. I still hope to win the lottery so I could invest in a better world 😉


    • If each person just did what they could or even just one or two small things the impact around the world would be huge. I too get frustrated at times, especially when it appears that governments are being deliberately obtuse or blind to what is going on simply to avoid spending money.


      • I think people are getting more aware. I don’t know if you know the ‘care2’ site?They try to help trough petitions and have a big community. I see improvement but not enough and defiantly not fast enough. it all has to do with money or like it said before people take it for granted. It’s difficult to take the pink glasses off and realize that the world is in a bad condition but I still have a bit of hope. So keep on spreading the word! I know I will and I appreciate you putting these articles online! Every bit helps! I try to share as much as i can trough facebook. Thanks for caring!


  6. We humans give ourselves too much credit for being ‘above and outside nature.’ We’re still very much a part of nature, and nature will find a way to self-correct. Humanity needs to start watching its collective back.


    • Thank you for taking the time to drop in and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen so far. Look forward to reading your posts in the future. Jenni.


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