Musing on Monday Morning


What offends us vs what should offend us - thought for monday.

While the description is a little generalized the intent behind it is utterly correct.  We’ve become a society so concentrated on micro-managing that we lose sight of the bigger problems. Or it may simply be that most feel overwhelmed or unwilling to deal with the larger issues and thus concentrate their efforts where they will make the most noise with the least effort.

Of course I may be a little on the cynical side but I lean toward the second reason as to why so many of those in power prefer not to hear or pretend not to believe that these bigger issues need more attention.

After all it is hard to get elected when what you propose will take long-term planning and probably a long time to see appreciable change. Other issues, smaller and yet somehow more volatile get a lot more coverage especially cloaked in righteousness and ‘family values’.  One would think that feeding families, saving families from conflict and providing families with a habitable planet would fall into that category but obviously some have overlooked and/or deliberately blinded themselves to that.

econmic advanceWe have managed to combine this blindness with a greed that astonishes me at times and an economic system that measures a countries worth in its financial status rather than the people who live there and the generations to come.

Short term financially based decisions that destroy our ability to provide oxygen, fresh water and a sustainable food source for all will only bring long-term loss in all sectors. From this greed and disregard for humanity springs violence and war. At first by those in power to gain more of what they already have and then by those who have been stripped of everything and are left with the option of simply fading away or fighting to take what they lack.

greed 2All that death and misery so that those with power can take what little other less developed countries have, deny support and services to those less fortunate in their own countries simply to feed this machine of greed and entitlement.  The tools they use, war or industry, are only the cloaks they wear, to disguise their intent, differ over time.  Religious one-up-man-ship, righteous certainty that their way is the only way, economic growth and employment [once again in the short-term] all of these reasons are only the masks worn to lull the populace into believing that such destruction of life, civil liberties or the environment is needed.

greedThey conduct PR campaigns aimed at convincing the public that those who would oppose these ‘advances’ are troublemakers, instigators, unpatriotic or even just plain crazy and become angry when those same tools are used against them. Crazy for me is valuing money over people, profit over the planet and where gain outweighs the grief [paid by others] that is often the price.

So I will gladly wear the crazy badge and rant, rail and work tirelessly to show that changing the world does not mean drawing every last resource from it until there is nothing but barren rock.  That changing the world is really changing how we live in it and with each other as well as finding the best ways to ensure that future generations have a world to live in. So as the image next to us says – be crazy, be part of the change who knows it may be you who tips the balance.

change the world

35 thoughts on “Musing on Monday Morning

    • Thank you very much. I think some of the research I’ve been doing for a paper I’m writing has been fermenting inside me. It was why I was in a bit of a ‘mood’ yesterday.

      I can’t be as blunt as I would like with the piece that I’m doing as it is a rather ‘dry’ audience so I decided to have a bit of a vent on how I felt at a very basic level about what keeps happening in this world of ours.


  1. Jenni, from one crazy to another…while I may have bowed out of the political world, I’m attempting to make a difference on the frontlines of unity by stepping outside the box of traditional Christianity. It’s just that religious one-upmanship that divides and tries to hold hostage the mission of Jesus, which was inclusive, which was love, which was embracing everyone as God’s children.

    Swimming upstream isn’t easy, but it’s necessary if we want to make a difference. Here’s to you, my sister salmon. ❤


  2. I love your post.. We are outraged by swear words but 100 mile oil slick, well it happens that the price of living the way we do.. You will change this planet!

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    • Thanks for the support – if everyone just did one or two little things to change how they live in this world then we would see a great deal of change overall in my opinion.


      • Yes so true.. I saw The Railway Man yesterday and thought of your grandfather.. Nicole Kidman one of your paisano’s (country women) has a role in it.. Spiritual ending.. Nice


      • I meant to look that up when you mentioned it but got a little side-tracked. I try to make some time in the next day to watch it as you’ve got me curious about it.


      • The old soldier could not stop reliving the events… Colin firths character comes to terms with forgiving the japanese soldier.. It’s a true story.. So your grandfather was captured in Singapore. I wish you wrote a page long post as not to forget your grandfather…


      • Very good… You keep his life alive so others don’t forget.. It’s 1:33pm on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. Peace


      • 6.35 am Monday morning – actually I didn’t realize the time – I’m supposed to have an early morning meeting which means dressing like a grown up and not in my comfy at home clothes. Bugger – Oh well it will be out of the way soon. Have a peaceful afternoon.


  3. Nicely done Jenni. It’s a true tragedy that people cannot or will not see that entitlement and greed are at the forefront in destroying our planet. Tweeted and FB your last two posts.


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