A Smile and a Few Thoughts for Monday

I'm a big fan

These images are courtesy of Greenpeace Africa and although is it meant to get a smile it also has a point as does the image below regarding solar energy

solar spill

So in all seriousness looking at the image below which is your choice in the overall scheme of things?

oil spill vs solar spill which do you prefer

16 thoughts on “A Smile and a Few Thoughts for Monday

  1. Cute! The pictures are very well done and communicate a good message. Honestly though, as soon as I see “Greenpeace” I think of the militant life-threatening actions of Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd and Rainbow Warrior, They are eco-terrorists who don’t seem to mind harming or killing humans to make their point. As much as I’m an environmentalist, I do not and will not support Greenpeace. They leave a dirty taste in my mouth. Their total disregard for human life is without a doubt terrorism. Their actions are like a vigilante walking down the street and shooting eveyone who looks indigent in hopes they will kill the one person who mugged them. I’d like to see them all hang for their actions.


    • We’ll agree to disagree on that one as I won’t allow the overt act of some the were publicized in a way that few other protest actions were destroy the enormous good that the majority of those who support Greenpeace.


      • I have to admit that what I know of Greenpeace I’ve learned from the media and they are notoriously one sided. And I don’t like to whitewash, so I’ll strike you a deal: If you accept that those who threaten the lives of others should be prosceuted to the fullest extent of the law, then I will research all the good that Greenpeace has done.


      • Absolutely – if you’ll accept that at times to defend themselves against attack some may be forced the use ‘extreme measures’ – neither side should get away with overt violence for violence sake – it is what is wrong with this world in the first place.


  2. Here’s my question: what’s the problem with cleaning up the planet a little? Why do people argue climate change, and the changes we need to make in order to protect the earth? What’s the worst that could happen, should every scientist that studies climate change be wrong…
    A cleaner environment? Less smog?


    • Precisely – the ardent way they protest against the idea seems so foolish unless you factor in the concept that they are fully aware there is a problem and just don’t care.


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