Helpful Hints

As we stroll further into the weekend some of us will have household duties that will require our time and attention.  Some tasks are less pleasant than others but still they must be addressed lest squalor become entrenched. In the spirit of this I felt that helpful hint below may be of some assistance. I received this advice from an impeccable source who is always keen to help.

how to wash a cat


Weekend Funny Challenge

35 thoughts on “Helpful Hints

    • Nifty idea – two clean up jobs in one and finally there would be a cat who pulled their weight around the house instead of just lounging and being waited on. lol


      • I did like the back ground but this is better suited to the posts I do. I do short little ones for the weekend funny but you’ll notice my other ones are fairly long and this theme works better – I had an assist there which I will be doing a big thank you post for and recommending him to anyone who wants to get the most out of their blog.


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