Last Call For Weekend Challenge

Sorry guys this weekend was a little bit of a washout as I was having a bit of a time out due to not feeling 100%.  That slightly less than ordinary feeling probably had something to do with why I decided on snark for the weekend.  Sadly I wasn’t up to participating in the way I planned and so it may just have to make a reappearance at a later date.

It’s Monday here but I’m aware that it is Sunday still on the other side of the globe – that whole earth and the axis thing – most confusing!!!

So in the vein of the weekend or sarcasm and snark I’ll finish with a compare and contrast Dog vs Cat and their thoughts of the day.

cat vs dog dayImage via Facebook Terrell Suggs


20 thoughts on “Last Call For Weekend Challenge

    • Thanks – feeling better now and trying to catch up. I was just off colour this weekend. It would have been better to be really sick so I could feel ok about going to bed etc but I just felt slightly off with a headache, just enough to piss you off but not enough to justify going to bed to feel better. [sulking about that still]


  1. Not sure if ‘Basa the Cat’ has that perception of the food that we provide for her. She seems ecstatic and then sucks the food in an eating frenzy. It is curious, however, that I caught her eating some of the chopped green vegetables; and I have successfully fed her peas. As for unmitigated purring while she eats her tinned catfood.

    Another curious trait is her possible dynamic with the humans in our household. With you as disciplinarian and the person she obeys on command but keeps at a distant (except she has a sense of when you need comfort); JB as an intruder, yes, possibly with whom to be aloof, almost contemptuous at times; and with myself, as possibly connecting on a deeper intra-psychic level, play-person, feeder, and the person from whom she receives pats and affection.


    • Yes it’s because she has no competition, she’ an only child and is spoiled so she considers herself head of the house and not an inmate so to speak. We’re hers to command not the other way around.


  2. Great post, oh sulking one. Ha! I so love your two letters. I’ve lived with both cats and dogs, sometimes simultaneously, and they are exactly like that. They also have individual quirks – for instance we had a gray persian (Winnie the Pooh) who would only drink her milk by dipping one paw in and then licking it clean and then re-dipping. Ha! We had another cat (Sissy) who would sit on the erector car that I built and push herself across the room with one back keg. She would go until it hit the far wall, then get off and sit beside it and wait for me to turn it around so she could go back again.

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    • Cats are the coolest as far as I’m concerned. They have that stare of ‘you are soooo beneath me’ down pat and can insult you simply by leaving the room – a rare gift!!

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  3. Brilliant! This actually made me laugh out loud. Made my dog jump, but he was soon back to playing in the garden. His favourite thing! Haha


    • I think mine is planning and escape. She has my husband completely fooled and under her thumb and she’s now just waiting for the opportunity to make a run for it. [of course once she gets outside and realizes it is winter and cold she’ll decide to wait until warmer weather prevails]


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