Fulminating on Friday

laugh buttonLets add some snark to the Weekend Funny Challenge. Last weekend we looked at amusing prose or poetry this weekend lets throw open the door and welcome in those who wander the world of Snark. If it’s sarcastic, caustic and just a little mean then bring it on this weekend. All you have to do is respond to at least one of the posts and when you are ready to load you own post don’t forget to include the URL of the original Weekend Funny Challenge.

high priestess

Coming out of Retirement for this Weekend Only

My first offering in this reminder for the challenge is combined with my thought for the day.  Now usually I try for something upbeat, positive or at least informative but after the ‘simply super’ week I’ve had I’m going with the snarl and snark the reflects the not so nice facets of my nature.

Now personally I think Smile – Be Happy must be having a bad week also as the tenor of their joke/images have a slight bitterness to them.  Suits me fine since between ‘the car incident’, the reading of the budget, and the latest pieces of wisdom by our treasurer Joe Hockey I’m feeling more than a little sour.

There is a disease in this world and it appears that Daffy has found the cure, if only it were that simple in real life.



15 thoughts on “Fulminating on Friday

      • Just the way daffy wod turn his beak around and say,” I hate you!” It’s 5:29 am of Friday morning.. How was your Friday… Tells Friday will be good:)


      • It is 11.05 pm Friday night and Friday has been good for me personally but bad overall as the budget came down and it is actually worse than I predicted. So I’m a little peeved in that regard. Hope your day will be better. 🙂


      • Family budget? Not good… It will work out it always does maybe not the way we want it to but it will. Who know you might find an unscratched lottery ticket on the ground. It happened here in California in Los Angeles. It was work 2000 dollars and a homeless guy found it… Talk about divine intervention…


      • No Federal budget – although a lottery ticket win would be handy but lucky for me money is not really an issue for my husband and I – at least not at present.

        No our government has proceeded to break every single election promise [not kidding here] and has delivered one of the worst budgets I have ever seen. Huge bonuses to mining and the rich and ripping the guts out of social services, health care and education not to mention the environment.


  1. Ha! My favorite Looney Tunes characters are Wile E. Coyote and Marvin the Martian. I always have been a fan of the underdog. Love that wide eyed look of total disbelief on Wile E.’s face just before he gets flattened. Ha!

    With regards to budgets, I’m sad to hear that Abbott got his through. Here in Ontario (the largest province in Canada), the provincial gov’t fell today. They were a minority gov’t and when they tabled the budget, the opposition refused to agree and the vote failed. They asked for and received permission to dissolve the gov’t. They scheduled a provincial vote for the first week of June – seems rather short notice to organize an election, but whatever. They were a rather ambivalent gov’t (had to be because they were minority) but I was rooting for the leader as she was the first female lesbian to serve as the premier of a province. I had hoped she might have a new perspective on gov’t but she didnt’ get much of a chance. Better luck next time..

    Have a great weekend Jenni!


    • Thanks – sorry to hear about your government, it’s called a double dissolution here when that occurs. If the senate won’t pass the budget from the lower house then it can be shown that the government is unable to govern and then it is put to the governor general to dissolve parliament and call an election. It has only happened twice in our history and I doubt it will happen soon as for the first time we have a conservative government with a majority in both the upper and lower house [seems jingoistic scare campaigns worked well]. Problems is they’ve broken every promise re the budget that got them elected.


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