5 thoughts on “Animal Motif for the Weekend Fun

  1. Ha! Cute Jenni! Arrrgh! Had that happen once – it never comes to a good end. Our little (then) girl -Chantal – was about 10 and wanted a hamster. We had two cats at the time – Valerie and Shadow. Valerie was pure white. Shadow was Valerie’s offspring and he was pure black.As much as my wife and I objected, Chantal was on a crusade and even had her own money saved up for the Hamster. She promised to keep Hammie (she had him named before she even got him) only in her room with the door closed. Not being naive, we knew the door would occassionally be left open but if the hamster was in it’s cage, what harm? So, in the end Hammi, his cage and runs and periphenalia moved into Chantal’s room. She was pretty good keeping her door closed but a complication popped up: Turns out Hammie was an escape artist and figured out how to unlock his cage. I know this was true because occassionally Chantal would go on a sleepover and I’d feed Hammie and the cage door would be open when I checked back. Still, the room door was closed. Then early one morning I came downstairs to start the day, and there were the two cats sitting facing the stairs with a recently deceased Hammie between them. They were proud, as if they had rid the house of unwanted vermin. Poor Hammie, he had opened his cage during the night and then squeezed under the door through a space that I would never have believed but we could see the groove in the carpet where he had wiggled under the door.Chantal was sad, but insisted we have a proper burial for Hammie in the back garden. Many of her friends showed up and the service was very solemn.


    • So being an adventure Hamster was not the best idea of a career choice with cats in the house. Oh well at least he had a wonderful send off with all the proper solem attendants. Hope you little girl didn’t feel too bad for too long. Jenni


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