11 thoughts on “High Brow Humor – Billy Connolly

    • Oh tell me about it – I’d forgotten I had it and when I was in my ‘funny’ file I saw it and played it – I completely lost it, cackling like disney evil styled witch. My husband came to find out what all the funny noise was and I could only point at the screen. Sad but true


  1. Oh my, I was laughing so hard; beautiful Jenni.
    Looking forward to read much more.
    Appreciate you stopping by, and for this blast of humor.
    Our dog is just looking at me like, “what on earth is up with you…”


    • Should have seen the confused looks on my husbands face as I cackled with the headphones on – he had no idea what I was seeing or hearing. Look forward to hearing from you and reading your posts in the future. Jenni 🙂


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