A Word About Words – Stephen Fry

stephen-fry-incuriosity-56200I came across this first thing this morning when taking a quick look at Facebook. My son had put this up on his page, mentioning having watched it in a lecture regarding language of the ‘proper’ use thereof and I found it both utterly hilarious as well as more than a little on the money.  So it seems we have a winner for the lead spot that will take us into the Weekend Funny Challenge while at the same time making more than just one point regarding the written word and all its possibilities in a way that only Stephen Fry could manage.  Don’t forget that the Weekend Challenge starts midnight tonight EST – so have your quirks, stories and laughs all lined up so we can all see just What Makes You Laugh.

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55 thoughts on “A Word About Words – Stephen Fry

  1. This is exceptionally good. I’ve always been compulsively articulate. I despise liberals and their determination to presume to control our speech (& all else ). Language should be on the loose side. It’s a vehicle for the conveyance of only truth, not ideology. Fry is right in reminding us that it should be enjoyed for how lovable it is.


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    Okay, here’s a lesson, I suppose, for an old peeveblogger like me. Lighten up. Well, I’ll try to be a little more tolerant of poor word choices, but seriously, I can’t forgive mistaking “it’s” for “its,” “your” for “you’re,” and “there” or “their” for “they’re.” Sorry, but that’s too much to ask!

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  3. Thank you so much for this Friday afternoon delight, Jenni. I am going to reblog it, hopefully to spread Mr. Fry’s wise words about word wisdom and all the dense spaces in between.


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  5. I somehow suspect Stephen Fry would be the last person in the world to let any incorrect usage slip by… but it was a fun piece to read!


  6. Wonderful! I call these people the “grammar police”–always correcting people in the most humiliating way and calling our public broadcaster (CBC) to complain about the improper use of a word, and how it is causing the ruination of the world. I do believe we need to respect our language, and strive for proper usage, but his point is well take–we should never embarrass someone or judge people on their use (or misuse) of words. Thanks for this wonderful and thought-provoking post!


    • I love words but feel that language should be fun to use not policed by ‘grammer gremilins’. So glad you enjoyed this and I hope to see you around Unload and Unwind again.


  7. A brilliant post and clip by Stephen Fry, although it made me squirm (I’ve been one of those pedants in my pompous English teacher role) Note to self: avoid superior criticisms of those misusing words!


    • Wonderful – that is the most hysterical and disturbing thing I’ve heard in ages – sniper neighbor. Handy I grant you but still I would imagine it would leave one a little discomforted living next door to an arsenal.


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