Funny on Friday – Weekend Challenge Motif

woman says whatThere are times in life when it is fun to be female and other times – not so much but regardless there is great humor to be found in the differences between the genders. I was going over some of my older images today as my picture folders were getting a little bit unwieldy and I came across a little bundle of Male vs Female style humor.

Some of this collection must have traveled with me from floppy to back up disk to back up CD and now to the new computer as I know for a fact I came across some of them while at university, which was a LONG time ago.

Some of the pieces were truly funny, some a little daft and others were in retrospect quite nasty.  I have no issue with male vs female humor as long as it is clear that while having a dig at one of the sexes you are also acknowledging the flaws/humor of the other.  So I decided to cull some of the pieces but have kept a few and decided that the motif for this Weekend Funny Challenge will be based around the concept of finding the fun in the iconic and idiosyncratic ideas of gender difference.  That is why my first offering for this weekend funny is dealing with the time-honored Words Men Should Fear To Hear.

words to fear

I want you to think about the things that make you laugh about yourself and the other men and women you have known in your life. From classic jokes to humorous clips, songs, images and stories, all are welcome as long as you keep to the rules regarding humor here at Unload and Unwind:

  1. If it’s hateful, vicious and meant to cause pain it’s not funny it’s just plain mean.
  2. Poking fun at gender roles and iconic behavior is fine but demeaning those people who fulfill those roles is not.
  3. If you can’t laugh at yourself you shouldn’t laugh at others.

If you haven’t participated before it’s simple, simply respond to a least one of the posts over the weekend and when you post your own contributions on your site include the URL from the Weekend Funny Challenge page here at Unload and Unwind OR send me the link in a comment and I’ll post it here for you and include a link back to your site so that everyone can pop over and visit with you.

16 thoughts on “Funny on Friday – Weekend Challenge Motif

  1. Hmmm, this is the first time I’ve seen those key words – could explain why I’m single. Ha! How come there isn’t an operating manual for women out there somewhere? Last time I heard “Go Ahead”, I was ecstatic and bought the 200 gallon aquarium I was looking at. This precipitated a renovation of the entire house. I was so naive.

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    • I actually have a lovely little piece of fun on that very topic – I’ll put it up tomorrow but shh – it’s just a image saying “Men always say why don’t women come with instructions. What would be the point after all have you ever met a man who read the instructions for anything?”

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  2. I wrote a post with that same graphic last week and used it to illustrate communication problems. My advice was simple – ask your partner what he/she needs from you in situations. Telling your partner you are fine when you are not is bound to cause problems. And doing what worked for a previous partner may not work for a current partner. It may not make for funny posts but it could help relationships. It could be that men who think women “are all the same” (negatively) are simply just repeating behaviors that didn’t and won’t work.


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