Reminder of the Weekend Fun Challenge

what makes you laughDon’t forget to join in the fun this weekend. I can’t wait to read all the different funny fictions, true stories, jokes or stand-up.  Whatever it is that makes you laugh. Just remember to include the url from the Weekend Funny Challenge page to activate the pingback as well as respond to at least one other post.

10 thoughts on “Reminder of the Weekend Fun Challenge

    • Love it – sounds like my husband. Brilliant man as long as it is something he finds interesting if not then well lets just say when it comes to some things he would definitely be riding the short bus. 🙂

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      • Your husband and young George do sound very similar for George is no idiot at all – simply the most impractical person ever born! He is in the middle of exams and things in his final year at uni yet only the other day advised me he saw a seagull flying backwards!

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      • [giggle snort] sorry but yeah that sounds like my other half. Love him to death but honest sometimes. He’s not allowed to use the computer for anything other than typing papers etc, if it needs saving or research done he writes it down for me and I’ll do it. This is a lesson learnt from two totalled computers that even the tech people couldn’t quite figure out what had happened.

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