Fighting For Australia – A Poem

10352578_724197877618361_6499538477701633650_nFIGHTING FOR AUSTRALIA

By Jennifer Ellem

Australian’s all let us rejoice

For we are steeped in greed

Our politicians sneer and smirk

At all who are in need.

Our land abounds in natures gifts

Stripped bare by uncaring hands

Our leaders cheer these rapists on

As they destroy and soil our land.


We were the lucky country

Now bought by greed, by graft and rort

The lessons of the mining groups

In pain and loss are taught.

Our waters, forests, hills and farms

Ground beneath uncaring heel

The lessons of do no harm

Crushed by processed steel.

Our wildlife flees to safety

Little of which remains

The LNP and friends

Are the ones who hold the reins.


No more the sun burnt country

A land of sweeping plains

With little thought of justice

We’re stripped of all we gained.

Those who toiled for generations

Who built this country strong

Thrown to they wayside now their strength is gone.


With careless greed and thoughtless heart

Our leaders do decide, to lie to cheat,

And have done so from the start.

Australia is much more than this

A unique and special gift

Some see this a barrier

One that greed can lift.


I say this is my country

One of beauty wild and free

To tame this wide brown land

Is not for you and me.

Fan the embers in you heart

Left bleeding from what you see

Rise up and not be silenced

Demand justice for you and me.

Let the despoilers fear

Just what it is that’s roused

Within each and every Australian

The fighting spirit housed.

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The cannot take what we do not give

And if they try then fight

Raise our waning spirits

Let them blaze in all their might.

So in your homes safe and warm

Those who seek to bleed

All the wealth of our fine land

I think you should take heed.

We may be varied Peoples

And come from different lands

But we Australians know that justice

Is held within OUR hands.

You our representative are servants of OUR will

We’re not here to lift and tote YOUR load

And if you truly do think it otherwise

You fools will see the truth unfold.

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