Tony Abbott Get’s Spanked By The WCPA

Tony Abbott Gets Spanked by the internatinal community

After hearing Abbott’s comments in regards to reducing the amount of protected sites here in Australia the World Conservation Protection Agency released this open letter to our Prime Minister.  I have to say it is the politest public spanking I’ve ever read while still managing to convey their feelings on the depth of duplicity and arrogance that our countries leaders have displayed over the past months.

Rather than paraphrase the letter I’ve decided to include it here as a link as it is truly worth reading in full and I would not wish to detract from its message other than to say – Bravo.

Open Letter to Tony Abbott from WCPA


2 thoughts on “Tony Abbott Get’s Spanked By The WCPA

  1. It is a rather good letter 🙂 thanks to your blog I think I know more about Australian politics than politics here where I am in England. I think I should check out the actual news rather than my usual typing ‘animal’ or ‘wildlife’ etc into google news haha


    • I don’t know all in all animals are much more entertaining and less likely to bite than politicians in my opinion.

      Given the choice I may go with the animal. I don’t like to watch the news here as Rupert Murdoch (notorious pig and so right wing it’s not funny) owns majority share in the commercial stations and 85% of newspapers – it’s why I prefer using the net or watching the ABC.

      So stick to the animals you know not the ones you’d need a rabies shot to interact with. :):)


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