Little Shop of Horrors – Be A Dentist

This clip isn’t from the original movie but the more recent one with Bill Murray and Steve Martin it is however hilarious.  I know it deviates from the Rik Mayall pieces that I’ve been using for this weekend challenge BUT Teela Hart has been having a rough time with the dentist and I thought this would give her a laugh.

16 thoughts on “Little Shop of Horrors – Be A Dentist

  1. LOL, that’s one of my favorite clips. It cracks me up every time.

    Seriously though, I’ve known some dentists that really have a hard time. They want to help people, to relieve pain, to improve lives, and yet everybody seems to hate them. If you don’t hate them when they’re fixing your teeth, you’ll hate them when you get the bill. Anyway, once I started listening to their pain and empathizing with dentists in general, my fear of them went away. Now I feel obliged to cheer the dentist up when I go in.

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    • It’s just a fight or flight reflex with me – I don’t like feeling vulnerable and lying back in a chair as someone hovers over you with sharp instruments and a mask tends to make be panic – just a tad!!

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    • I know – I really wish I could track down one from the original movie – there’s a scene with the dentist and a VERY VERY young Jack Nicholson which I’d love to use but I haven’t managed to dig it up yet.


  2. So much fun! The show conjures up pleasant memories for me because several summers ago, my younger daughter played Audrey (the woman, not the plant) in Little Shop, and it was the first time I saw how talented she really is.
    I am fortunate not to have any real-life dental horror stories!


  3. Laughing out loud literally.
    I do HATE going to the dentist and I DO CRY over the bill.
    Thank you, I surely needed this laugh!. I’m sure I could laugh louder if I could open my jaws a little wider. 😀

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    • The only way I can get major dental work done is by them putting me in twilight sleep [sedative drip] otherwise things go badly shall we say. It’s instinct and I can’t seem to check it, I actually punched a dentist once when he came in too quickly. I felt so bad [so did he] but it wasn’t a choice it just happened. When I get scared I go straight to violence to immobilize the threat and then running away.


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