Lifes Journey – For Teela

dance of life

I think that sometimes it is important to remember how far we’ve come and take joy in the journey you’ve now set for yourself. I thought that aย very brave woman who I’ve met here [Surviving Domestic Violence] could do with a reminder of just how much she has changed her life.

33 thoughts on “Lifes Journey – For Teela

  1. momwithoutpaws knows first hand about this. She was married before my dadwithoutpaws to a not nice man.. It is important we listen and watch for signs. No one knew she was being hurt, he was a policeman, how would anyone think he would hurt her. Who could she tell another policeman they all knew each other. Momwithoutpaws found out years later that 60% of women going to the shelter where she lives were police officers wives.


  2. At a stage in my life where I have been struggling as to how far I still have to go (to get to my ‘happy’ place) it was a comfort to read this quote and reflect on how far I had actually come. Thanks for that.
    (and I also checked out the other blog).

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  3. Reblogged this on Teela Hart and commented:
    My good friend Jenni over at Unload and Unwind made this post for me as she knew I was feeling a little down yesterday and I wanted to share it with ya’ll. It touched my heart and I want her to know just how much her friendship means to me.


    • It can be, that’s why its important from time to time to remember how far we have travelled and it is the journey that makes us not the destination. Jenni


  4. It is a dark road and a long and dangerous one too. Please never forget the invisible victims of mental abuse in marraiges it is just as violent and never anything to show as proof. xxx


    • Abuse is abuse in my opinion regardless of its nature. Damage to the soul and mind leaves scars in the same way damage to the body does. All are worthy of respect and all those who would harm others to gratify their own insecurities and twisted ideas deserve a special place in the underworld where they can learn what it is to be powerless.


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