Thank You Teela – This Is A Special Award

versatile-blogger-nominationsIt is so wonderful to read the comments and discussions that can come when we post our ideas, stories and questions on our blogs.  Sometimes it is even more so when someone whose strength and courage you admire recommends you for a very special award such as The Quintet of Radiance, which is actually five separate awards given in a bundle.  I would like to say a very special thank you to Teela Hart for this nomination and recommend her blog to any who wish to assist those fighting Domestic Violence and violent crime in general.

As one of the rules of this award I have to describe myself using each letter of the alphabet – a little daunting as I find it hard to describe myself in general, but here goes:


A – antagonistic (at times)
B – beautiful (honest… *chuckle*)
C – compassionate (well I try)
D – diligent (when it matters)
E – egoist (well yeah ‘fraid so)
F – fun (what’s life without it)
G – garrulous (huh – like you haven’t noticed)
H – honest (I try to be)
I – intelligent (there’s the ego I was talking about)
J – Jenni (it is who I AM)
K – knowledgeable (never mess with humanities majors we know all sorts of things)
L – limitless (as is everyone on this planet)
M – maudlin (at times *sigh*)
N – notorious (really just ask my family)
O – opinionated (again tell me you haven’t noticed)
P – passionate (life requires it)
Q – querulous (when lacking caffeine or nicotine)
R – rebellious (again ask my family)
S – smoker (unapologetic one at that)
T – ticklish (true)
U – unique (we all are)
V – victorious (I do love a good conquest)
W – willful (according to mum)
X – x-rated (no fun being PG)
Y – youthful (well I am trying to freeze time to make it so)
Z – zealous (no point doing something half way)

My own nominees for this is are:


Aussa Lorens 

Donna Gwinnell Lambo-Weidner

Little Miss Menopause 




Maggie Wilson 


p style=”text-align:left;”>inner-peace-awardmost-influential-bloggersunshine-award




11 thoughts on “Thank You Teela – This Is A Special Award

      • Must have missed one. I was reading about to check out all the blogs and was like ‘wait is that me? Omg!!!’ Haha it was one of THOSE days for me as well. I had to click the link 3 times before I believed it was me. And then I just commented saying wow rather than something more articulate so I’ll do it now instead. Thank you so much. This means so much to me. 😀


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