Nurses Gettin’ Dooown

Thank you Teela for this amazing piece of fun for this Weekends Challenge.  Everyone should take the time to visit her site which deals with the very important issue of raising awareness regarding Domestic Violence.  It also gives us a glimpse into her music tastes as well as some wonderful original poetry.  You’ll find the original of this post called Happy Nurses Week by following the link back to her.

Well without further ado sit back and enjoy some serious ER style fun.


11 thoughts on “Nurses Gettin’ Dooown

  1. I’m a nurse and I KNOW how crazy nurses can and do get just to shake off the seriousness of the job. A nurse sees and does things that are nerve wracking. Great post!!!!! Love, Amy


  2. Great!! this was fun!! Here ia one , Air Marshalls from around the world ( airforces ) marshalling planes for cancer charity , bear with it a bit slow at first until the British guys start and set it alight ..sorry I am bragging now!!


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