Some Satirical Solutions


So it’s Saturday and we’re well into the Weekend Challenge and so far there have been some Show Stoppers from a number of people who contributed to the cause. As it is I’ve been tossing up just what I planned to contribute to the cause of A Good Laugh.  I hovered between the funny but so cute you get a toothache just looking at the image, a few that cross the line from Risque into Vulgar and I have finally landed back on familiar ground.

Yes that’s right, I’m going to be snarky, snippy and possibly downright rude.  As you can see I’ve already had the premise of my Weekend Challenged by a meme no less, questioning the validity of the Laughter is the Best Medicine, and as such am in no mood to opt for the charmingly sweet, yet funny, options I had intended on.  No I’m go to add in three humorous quotes or ideas that have just the right touch sarcasm without invoking too much snark at all. [at least in my opinion]

images (3)Let’s get going shall we? Hands up who has ever had the dubious pleasure of running into and ex and their new partner.  Hmm just give me a minute to count there – Oh yeah I can tell that a lot of you have had that particular piece of fun.  The only thing that could make it more awkward was to come across them by accident as they are dressed to impress for a night out and you’ve just ducked into the shops to grab something you forgot to buy on the way home and actually need that night.

Since it was supposed to be a quick dash, in and out, chances are you are not looking coiffed and polished and that just adds to the sheer joy of the experience.  Well here is a little piece of advice to keep in mind, the kind of advice that allows you to present an indifferent manner and show no signs of being disconcerted by the meet or your current state of dress/appearance.

images (2)


Once extracting yourself from the situation that the fates/gods deem needed for some reason, most likely to do with personal growth you can pull yourself together and determine just what life had meant for you to see.  Sadly all that you derive is that life seems to take perverse pleasure in confusing, confounding and crushing you for some sort of sick form of amusement. Naturally I have  a wonderful way to approach these feelings when life get’s a little uppity and as you can see in the image I would assume it be rather cathartic not to mention fun.



Finally in an effort to cover as many of the bases as possible and not end up writing a self-help book for the terminally cranky I came upon the next image, which is not an image per say but a list of rules for life.  It’s certainly NOT the Ten Commandments but is does have a rather uplifting effect after reading it.  At first you just laugh at the one or two of THE most preposterous and then as you think about it you realize that we [humanity] may actually have to stop and think for a moment  and wonder if this is our true inner nature showing through the polite facade as some of these hit close to the bone.


7 thoughts on “Some Satirical Solutions

  1. Hilarious Jenni! Regarding getting knocked down by life: I have a friend who insists that he doesn’t mind running full speed into a brick wall placed there by life. After he regains consciousness, gets up, brushes off the dirt, and stops the flow of blood, he is ready to go again. He says that his problem is when he starts to realize that he is attached to the wall with a bungy cord.


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