Sad on Saturday – Cause Sometimes It’s not Fair

Never to lateSometimes you just have to accept things as they are.  You don’t have to LIKE them but accepting them tends to bring less harm than other options.  I am of course talking about the inevitability of time which has led to my Saturday contribution for The Weekend Funny Challenge as well as my thought for the day.

Don’t forget your own submissions for the Weekend Funny Challenge – c’mon I could use a smile, possible even a laugh or two although I may not be able to rise to the level of the chortle this weekend. Oh well we shall see.

13 thoughts on “Sad on Saturday – Cause Sometimes It’s not Fair

  1. As cliched as it is, you’re only as old as you think you are Jenni. Besides, the options that are open to me because of my experience and age are far far greater than the options open to a younger me. They are, for sure, different options, and as time progesses will continue to change. But there will always be new and exciting possibilities. Even to the end, which, I believe, will bring even greater options and possibilities. Cheer up Jenni!


    • Not really tooo glum just having an ‘aged’ moment when I didn’t recognize a single song on my son’s play list on Facebook. Oh well time passes I guess I just wish there were pause buttons every now and then. I don’t want to look younger ’cause that’s just eww but I just realized that just because I still feel young and up to date does not make it so.


    • Unless there is a time machine out there that I am unaware of, and if so where do I find it, I’m afraid the being younger just isn’t an achievable wish. I mean you can ‘look’ younger but that’s just ewww but actual time does sadly continue to pass regardless of what we may wish.


  2. I have to say my son’s girlfriend thought I was younger than I am! I really haven’t worn makeup in months because I’ve been confined to the house. So I while I feel like I’m falling apart I guess I look younger than I am. For a laugh – go on YouTube – search for Do You Want to Hide A Body – Frozen Parody – I kept playing it yesterday and it made me laugh


  3. Hmm, accepting things the way they are?? A while back I realized I am the opposite of the serenity prayer. Accept the things I cannot change? Pfffttt. The wisdom to know the difference? Ha! That’s laughable. The opposite of serenity is pandemonium and uproar. That’s about right 🙂


  4. Hi Jenni, I’m with Insanitybytes! And as for your son’s playlist, why not listen to the songs and ask yourself, “Do I really give a damn about thus music?” Or alternatively, you’ll find something new to like!!


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