We Seem To Be On a Roll Here

This absolutely brilliant piece of fun come to us from Helen Miekle’s Scribblefest and is the perfect follow on from our Flame Grilled Bovine friend from the previous post.  Thank you Helen for this wonderful addition to the Weekend Funny Challenge.


R-E-S-P-E-C-T Is What Cows Seem to Need

by Helen Miekle

Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle
The cow jumped over the moon
Saying ‘Bugger convention, I have no intention
Of coming back any time soon.

For I’ve toiled and I’ve moiled chewing cud till it roiled
And dutifully filled up those tanks,
But job satisfaction requires interaction
And you lot don’t even say “thanks”’.

With a leap and a bound she was up off the ground
And away with a swish of her tail,
And from that day to this not a squirt or a hiss
Of fresh milk went into a pail.

But though shock and confusion ensued in profusion
The answer is simple enough –
Unless you acknowledge the milk on your porridge
The cow will depart in a huff.

Just to round out the little theme we have going here I’m going to add my two cents in with the actual Hey Diddle Diddle.  Hope you enjoy.

8 thoughts on “We Seem To Be On a Roll Here

    • I thought Helen’s take on the Rhyme was amazing and had myself a good giggle – Think she may be taking out the win for this weekend challenge. However early day’s left and Irene Waters post of Where do babies come from is pretty impressive also.


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