Tiny Flaw in the Plan

Morning folks, it’s 9.40 am Saturday morning here in the land of Oz. I’m starting today with a contribution to the Weekend Funny Challenge with a clever take on a rhyme that most heard in their childhood.

It seems there is a slight flaw in the idea of this rhyme which has a rather negative impact on the character in question as you can see.

cow jumped over the moon


Image courtesy of IFLScience

21 thoughts on “Tiny Flaw in the Plan

    • When I saw it I just stopped and thought – oh well of course should he ever actually gain altitude to jump over the moon coming home would be a whole other set of problems. 😀


  1. Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle
    The cow jumped over the moon
    Saying ‘Bugger convention, I have no intention
    Of coming back any time soon.

    For I’ve toiled and I’ve moiled chewing cud till it roiled
    And dutifully filled up those tanks,
    But job satisfaction requires interaction
    And you lot don’t even say “thanks”’.

    With a leap and a bound she was up off the ground
    And away with a swish of her tail,
    And from that day to this not a squirt or a hiss
    Of fresh milk went into a pail.

    But though shock and confusion ensued in profusion
    The answer is simple enough –
    Unless you acknowledge the milk on your porridge
    The cow will depart in a huff.

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      • How is the land down under…btw can you trace your ancestors to those first British who immigrated to Australia? Just asking


      • My mothers family is 1st generation Irish Australian and traces it’s line from mother to daughter going back generations.

        My grandmother held the family archives passed from oldest daughter to oldest daughter. She skipped passing them to mum but left them to me as the oldest daughter of her oldest daughter.

        It’s easy to trace the line back about 1/2 century but beyond that the records are leaner but the legacy of the Old Ways [service to the goddess] has references going back another couple of hundred years but I couldn’t definitively say that was 100% accurate.

        I believe it is but as the births/deaths/marriages etc were not really recorded back that far there are holes in the time line. It is true that some of the texts and books of rituals etc date back a VERY long way.

        It is sad that some were apparently lost during the witch burning in Ireland but enough was saved and hidden to pass on to the next generation. But what was lost cannot be replaced as they were handwritten journals and accounts of practice.

        I’m the first oldest daughter in the history of our family tree not to have a daughter of my own. In a way I’m glad my grandmother has passed as it would have been upsetting for her to see the direct line break. My sister however does have a girl so I will be leaving the material to her.

        My fathers family is 2nd generation Welsh Australian but he can trace his line through his fathers side back to the bastard son of Henry the VIII’s mistress Nell. On his mothers side we see Welsh/Scottish but can only trace back about 3 generations.

        So I guess that makes me and Anglo/Celt Australian by bloodline but I see myself as Australian.


      • I thought way way way long ago the settlers of Australia were English citizens who were forced to leave England. The people the kings and queens wanted to get rid of… Any I go how your family landed up there? Your fathers side obviously… Being the kings little mistake but why on your moms side…


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