Closing Post for the Weekend Challenge

Considering the last few days I decided to re-post an earlier clip.  It’s a remix of El Nino and the original voice was Henry Rollins but it’s been digitized to sound like an angry toddler.  It’s one of the funniest clips I’ve ever seen in relation to weather patterns although I should warn you the language isn’t always ‘polite’.  So hope you enjoy this one:

9 thoughts on “Closing Post for the Weekend Challenge

      • Actually I didn’t find it funny but this too will pass. Are you getting slammed by Ita still? I saw the weather channel and they said it really was raining there… Where do the koalas go. Are they gentle animals or aggressive


      • Sorry – didn’t mean to offend but as I said ‘moody’ and pissed at the weather at the moment. Ita was supposed to have broken up but as it moved down the coast it reformed and is heading straight for us. Proserpine is already flooded and the winds here sound like a truck revving. It’s only Category 2 now which is good but the winds are still over 100 km/hr and the airport closed this afternoon. I really thought it was done.

        Koalas are … hmm Grumpy is the best word. They’re not aggressive in the sense they won’t attack you but if you try to pick one up or move it from a tree etc they’ll claw you. The ones in wildlife preserves will allow being picked up for a photo as they’re used to people but if it’s not done quickly they’ll claw out. Plus the fact they smell bad as they’re always drunk. They can’t swim and as a rule native animals will leave the area for fire or flooding. Some get cut off but the RSPCA has people going out before and after storms to collect animals stranded.


      • Why are they drunk? I’ve only seen them in zoo settings.. Think how lucky you are to get to see them in your backyard… They have a few kangaroos at the San Francisco Zoo but they seem like please put us out of our misery. I picture Australia as a completely dry barren land but guess it’s not… I heard there is a swamp up north that is the worst in the world. In world war 2 a plane of men got stranded there and of the 45 men who survived only 2 made it out… Snakes and other not so friendly things did them in.


      • That would be the top end of The Northern Territory and yeah not a place to go without a guide. Most of the east coast is lush and up north has one of the oldest rain forests in the world – The Daintree and it,s spectacular.

        The bush extends out west thinning until you reach the desert areas which turn red – hence the name The Red Center.

        Kangaroos are actually culled annually as they no longer have any real predators to keep their numbers down and can breed quickly. The loss of the Tasmanian tiger and its northern cousins has meant an increase in those they normally ate.

        There’s your standard roo and then there’s the Big Red kangaroo which are about the same size as a large man and 5 times as strong. A friend of my mums went out to the mango tree in her back paddock to pick some and a big red had decided it was part of his territory and attacked her.

        Two dislocated shoulders, broken ribs and multiple bruises before the farm hands came with rifles. This was about 2 weeks ago. It isn’t super common but they’re not called boxing kangaroos for nothing.

        Koala’s are drunk as they eat gum nuts [from gum trees] and Eucalyptus leaves that are like pure grain alcohol – hence the grumpy I expect.

        This will give you a little bit more of an insight.


      • What do they do the boxing ones? Their tail? Do you have mango trees. Do you know how expensive mangos are here. Like three dollars a piece from Mexico.. I swear your world is so different than here.. I guess you get used to it… WP buddy Belsbor lives in the Philippines and talks about going out to his tree and picking mangos off his tree.. Well stay dry and safe…


  1. Ha! Too funny Jenni! I’ve always preached the part about flood plains. In some cases now, insurance companies refuse to insure buildings for flood damage if they are in a flood plain (it use to just cost more – now it is often not available). They’re idiots – those who build on flood plains. Hopefully that’s not where your house is, given your current weather.

    Stay safe and dry Jenni. Our prayers are with you.

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