Friday Reminder for the Weekend Challenge



Last weekend was the first time this challenge didn’t run since I started it so I was determined that we’d get back on track this weekend. I’ve decided to start the weekend off with a wonderful stand-up clip by Rowan Atkinson as Father of the Bride.

I am sure that there are many fathers out there who would have loved to say something similar at the wedding of their daughters but simple survival instinct would have prevented that [never mess with women planning or participating in a wedding – VERY bad idea].

However this father decided to have his say and it is hysterical, at least in my opinion.  So come on everyone polish up the funnies and get them ready for the weekend.

Most of you know the drill but if not, all you have to do is respond to one of the Challenge posts and when you put up your post include the URL for the Weekend Funny Challenge so that others can go visit your site to see it.  If you have any trouble with this just send me what you would like to post and I’ll put it up here at Unload and Unwind with a link back to your site. Well then – everyone enjoy the clip and I look forward to seeing what you have for us this weekend.

6 thoughts on “Friday Reminder for the Weekend Challenge

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