Weekend Funny Challenge – It’s Hell.

running late

Sorry to have been a little late in the start of this Weekend’s Challenge but the piece I’m writing is taking a little longer than I thought.  This is mainly due to balancing the line between honest reflection and ownership of the choices I made without it reading as a type of Sackcloth and Ashes style approach.

Just a fair warning for those who are waiting to read the upcoming post, while I will talk about the past I have no intention of playing a female Uriah Heap nor infuse it with a sense of Mea Culpa Mea Culpa.  I’m doing this to own the past yes but to also place it firmly there, in the past.  If I don’t I may as well have stayed in emotional lock down. But enough of that, for now I’m going to use an old favorite of mine for today’s contribution to the challenge.

I did put this up earlier in the year but this clip never fails to make me laugh and truth to tell I can use that today.  So on behalf of Rowan Atkinson, ladies and gentlemen Welcome to Hell.



6 thoughts on “Weekend Funny Challenge – It’s Hell.

  1. Don’t know how my previous comment got posted twice. Wasn’t spamming. May be it’s because I liked the post so much or may be it could just be one of those quirks in P’s life…


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