We Were So Close – Here Comes the Rain Again

radar imageJust when we thought the worst was over the inconsiderate son of motherless goat, Cyclone Ita, has reformed and is heading straight for us.  Proserpine has already be flooded and the roads are closed between Airlie Beach and Mackay.

The airport has been shut and our little house is starting to shake, considering it’s on a brick foundation and the main front of the storm hasn’t arrived yet doesn’t give me a great deal of comfort.

The cat has moved into the bathroom and wouldn’t come out even for dinner.  It was this that made me check on the latest weather reports [I’d stopped watching when I thought it was done as it gets a little boring after a while] and sure enough the cat was right.

Corner of Burgess and Malcomson, North Mackay

Corner of Burgess and Malcomson, North Mackay last time we flooded

Bugger it, if the goose ponds flood again [which they will] we’ll be cut off from going anywhere for quite a while.  Last time they flooded was for Cyclone Larry and this is what the end of our street looked like then. Really, really don’t want another large clean-up not to mention loss of power as all the emergency crews are trapped further north and dealing with cyclone damage there.


Latest advice from Bureau of Meteorology [BOM] is as follows:

Wind gusts can be 40 percent stronger than the averages given here, and maximum waves may be up to twice the height. Wind warnings are issued for today and tomorrow and describe the highest category of wind warning for that day.

So all in all I think it is fitting to end this post with ‘Here Comes the Rain Again’




34 thoughts on “We Were So Close – Here Comes the Rain Again

  1. You’re amazing. If I was there, the loss of power and clean up afterwards wouldn’t have even come into my mind. I would be too busy worrying about damage to me to think of the house. Stay safe and keep us up to date on how it’s going.


  2. Sending thoughts and prayers for you, all your neighbors, and everyone affected by Cyclone Ita. Unfortunately, I can relate to flood recovery, as my town has been through record floods twice in the past ten years. It’s a long haul…


    • Thanks – I thought we were out of it as it was supposed to break up completely by Cairns – but Noooo just had to run into another low pressure system and get a boost. Thanks for the well wishes.


  3. Praying for everyone! We have hurricane season coming soon and I know a little of what you are going through. I’m not sure if cyclones are worse than hurricanes, but that flooding alone is something I’ve never experienced. Be safe!


  4. Ah crap. Sorry for your situation. I’ve never lived in a place that flooded regularly (unless you count rain seeping in through a basement window, thus swamping the basement) so I don’t really know how you feel, but it can’t be good. Our power went out this morning for about 30 minutes, not really sure why, and there was much discontent in the household. Seems to me that I should be thankful for the small amounts of rain we get and the lack of flooded out roads. My thoughts are with you and your crew.


  5. I’m sorry Jenni. I’m glad you listened to the cat. Stay safe and keep us up on things.
    I was a DJ in my late teens, I played this song all the time. I love the Eurythmics.
    My thoughts are with you and yours.


    • 1 am was a little scary and then 3 am looked wild but hey it blew itself out before it truly got here so yay!!!!

      No power loss, minor cleanup but still may flood when the runoff arrives in the rivers from up north but it will be minor – hooray!!!

      Thanks for the good wishes – really appreciated it. Jenni


  6. Great song!

    Sheesh, I’ve only been gone for 2 days this time and there was a mini book written of posts.. lol

    Sucks that the rain is back BUT great that you are safe and on the upside, you wont have to water the grass for a while? (if you have any)


    • We made it with limited damage here but up north not so good. Ah – about the number of posts – really trying to keep from worrying about the house doing a Wizard of Oz trick.


      • Awww 😦

        I was listening to the news and heard that although it was not as bad as predicted there was still a significant amount of damage done in some areas – and as always it would take time to recover.

        The frustrating thing is that you just hear about how people are getting over one natural disaster and another one comes along. Goodness me, people are still recovering in so many ways from Yasi.

        Post away 🙂 Look forward to reading through them all

        Miss Lou


      • Cheers!! 😀 I really feel for those farmers who’ve just got new crops etc in and have now lost them all again. I just hope this is it for the season. Cross fingers.


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