Billy Connolly and Comic Relief


To continue the tradition of Dennis Leary to start our Weekend Fun Challenge and Billy Connolly to follow I’m posting one of my favorite of his clips from the 1980’s.  In this he talks a great deal about many things and a little about some of the ‘scary’ Australian wildlife and his first introduction to the Funnel Web Spider.  Now to really appreciate why he was quite so freaked out by it you need to understand what it looks like and no one who hasn’t seen it can possible understand just how freaky the little blighter’s can be, hence the charming image staring at you through eyes that have seen the coldest pits in hell and returned just to mess with us.

Female Blue Mountains Funnel-web Spider, (Hadronyche versuta)

Female Blue Mountains Funnel-web Spider, (Hadronyche versuta)

16 thoughts on “Billy Connolly and Comic Relief

  1. That, Jenni, is the hardest I’ve laughed in longer than I can remember. I had to keep my hand over my mouth for fear of waking the other tenants in the building. Thank You!


  2. I get the most immense sense of fright, when it comes to spiders. I had to strategically scroll to hide that little critter of death! However, nothing will prevent me from clicking on a Billy Connolly video, not even that critter of death. I’ve always (to this day) dubbed him my surrogate husband. I’ve no bloody right too, but it happens anyway. Great post.


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