Australiana by Austen Tayshus

I’ve debated about putting this but not because it isn’t funny. The problem is that I’m not sure that many outside of Australia would get half of what was being said.  Then a few days ago I came across this version of the clip and while it does move very fast it provides the links between what is being said and what it also means here in Australia.

I hope those who don’t live in the land of Oz will find it if not funny then at least amusing.  

As for all you Aussie readers enjoy.

14 thoughts on “Australiana by Austen Tayshus

  1. It did move fast and as you know, I’ve had a few, but I think I got the high points. I did laugh my ass off with the platta puss and the “reef” er. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 😀


  2. What I caught was hilarious “She’s seen a cockatoo..” Ha! “Alice Springs into action…” Even without getting all the wordplay, the video was real fun to watch. Thanks Jenni!


  3. Even if you knew the slang, I get the impression Aussie audiences are quicker than Americans–they caught on quickly to each pun, though they flew by so fast. Thanks for sharing this–it was a lot of fun trying to catch a few myself!


    • We are a little on the on side I will grant you – it was more the names of cities and animals that you had to know to get most of it. Glad you enjoyed the parts you caught. Jenni


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