Weekend Challenge Reminder – Humorous Prose is the Theme


banjo prose of the bushI feel little odd following my previous two posts with this reminder for the Weekend Funny Challenge but I think it is important to give time to that which makes us smile, perhaps especially in times of sorrow or remembered sorrow.  The theme for this weekend is Humorous Prose or Poetry be it you’re own work or something that you have read or seen that makes you smile, laugh or giggle in delight.  To ease into this weekend of the ‘funny’ I thought I would continue with the Australian theme and provide a recording of The Bush Christening which was penned by one of Australia’s most famous poets and journalists Banjo Paterson.

Banjo Paterson - Singer of the Bush

Banjo Paterson – Singer of the Bush

For those of you who haven’t heard of him I’ll provide a little background to a man whose work created some of our most iconic images in the eyes of the world. In 1895, at the age of 31 and still in partnership with Street, Andrew Barton Paterson achieved two milestones in Australian writing. He composed his now famous ballad ‘Waltzing Matilda‘ and his first book, The Man from Snowy River, and other verses, was published by Angus & Robertson, marking the beginning of an epoch in Australian publishing. This hallmark publication sold out its first edition within a week and went through four editions in six months, making Paterson second only to Kipling in popularity among living poets writing in English.

bush christening imageHis poetry continues to sell well today and is available in many editions, some of which are illustrated.  This particular piece has always made me laugh since I was a young child and at the tender age of 10 I won my first national award with a rendition of this wonderful peek at the early Australian bush larakins.  Now the recording I have is NOT the one I did at 10 but a wonderful rendition from the concert ‘My Country Australia’, celebrating the 85th birthday of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. Oct 31, 2012, Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House.



10 thoughts on “Weekend Challenge Reminder – Humorous Prose is the Theme

      • I noticed you said “Bush battler” what does that mean? See it makes sense to those who live there… Here it’s what the heck is a bush battler 🙂


      • The Australian bush was so different from anything any European had ever encountered that those who farmed the land called it battling hence the bush battler.


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