This Is Not Good

Here in Australia our Federal Government has lost it’s freakin mind – they are:

  1. considering dumping sludge in the Great Barrier Reef (cause it’s really big and we won’t really miss the bit they’re planning to use – honest that’s what the Federal Minister Greg Hunt said  – told you this government had waved bye bye to the sanity fairy a while back)
  2. utilizing Fracking in one of Qld’s most fertile farming areas as well as alarmingly close to the water table that feeds into the rest of South East Qld 
  3. expanding the Abbot Point Coal Terminal in the Whitsunday Islands(irony there for anyone who knows the name of our Prime Minister)
  4. revisiting dumping nuclear waste in South Australia (what did they ever do I ask you).

So recently various protest groups suddenly found themselves being flooded with support from those who do not usually support/or not support things such as this.  Fence sitters everywhere have been taking a stand and those who normally would support our government are leaving the land of WTF and coming to stand with the rest.

Problem – either the government hasn’t:

  1. Noticed
  2. Noticed but doesn’t care
  3. Hasn’t noticed because Toto they’re not in Kansas anymore

So what to do – well since I covered that in an earlier post I want to leave a link in this one to a petition to help save Australian Flora and Fauna in danger due to these actions  please consider having a look because we need the help.

Whitsunday's In Danger

10 thoughts on “This Is Not Good

  1. One of the problems is the lack of representation of the ‘Greens’ in the house of representatives. In Mackay for example the vote will never exceed 3-5%. Problematic, also is the dominance of a conservative senate.

    We, should, with our local members harangue, harass, to the point of meeting with petitions so that they may be tabled in parliament. Numbers for local regions are needed; for a conservative to represent their community interests; they may be obliged; as in the example with the HEADSPACE in Mackay.

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  2. I was expecting this to be about an issue where there was at least some argument for both sides but you’re government really has lost its marbles! I don’t know if ill be able to sign the petition since I’m not Australian but I’ll have a look.. I really hope that when I eventually have the money to visit that the Great Barrier Reef will still be there in all it’s glory in its entirety.


    • I really hope it is still here to – and yeah in most cases of political debate a case can be made for other views however here – not so much – must be something in the water in Canberra (where the federal parliament is held) ’cause they just don’t be makin any sense at all.


  3. I couldn’t believe it when I heard about this on the radio last week. Even if you don’t care about the environment or any species other than humans, the reef is what brings tourists and money to Australia! Destroying that is not intelligent on ANY level! Thank you for posting the petition, and I hope some sense comes into play before anything too devastating happens.


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