What I’m Wondering this Wednesday.

just-wonderingWhat I’m wondering this Wednesday is precisely how does our state and federal government have the unmitigated gall to call for a boycott of an ‘ice-cream‘ company by saying they are bad for the Reef related Tourism.  This company, Ben & Jerry, are protesting the proposed dumping and dredging on the reef and offering free ice-cream to those protesters who come to have their say, obviously they fall into the category of the ‘evil doer’.

It’s a head scratcher I can tell you. I’ve been noodling this little conundrum for the past 24 hours and I’m still unsure about how things have ended up with what is basically a PR smack-down between Ice Cream and Government.



Qld-government-logo-thumbWhoever picked this battle on behalf of Minister Andrew Powell should be taken in for an immediate psych eval as there is no possible force on earth that could possible guarantee a win against Ice Cream, especially Ben & Jerry who are the kings of the awesome scoop not to mention deeply committed to all of their products and all that goes into making their products meeting Fairtrade standards. [see link for details]



Somehow the government has determined that this nefarious behavior is worse for the Queensland Tourism industry than say dumping 300 million ton of dredged material into part of the Great Barrier Reef.  They have even gone as far as bringing the company up in front of the ACCC based on the misleading and deceptive conduct clause.

Yep you heard me THIS government has the balls to stand up and accuse someone of deceptive behavior after being caught lying about the proposed plans for the reef during their election campaign.

lying Further more they then lied about having scientific evidence provided by the Reef board that proved that no harm would come and then lying about the fact that the Scientific committee provided evidence to the Board that actually vehemently opposed ANY dredging, dumping or expanding of the coal terminal.

Obviously this is NOTHING compare with the sneaky and underhanded giving away of free ice-cream with Huge signs and a website telling people about it.  Oh such deception, such intrigue surely rivals the 007 movies at their best.  If you’d like to take part in the intrigue then visit them at their Reef Scoop Tour and find when they will be visiting near you and if they haven’t got your town on the list then send them an email and why you’d like them to visit.

Currently the Qld and the Federal government are both working together to make it illegal to protest against proposed economic development using campaigns such as the Divestment Campaign, that is asking people to boycott banks and financial institutions who support the Coal or Fracking Industry, as well as working toward making it illegal for property owners to allow protesters to camp on their lands such as the The Lock the Gate Alliance and at Maules Creek.  They don’t seem to feel that asking the public to boycott an ice-cream company because it disagrees with them and has the money and the branding to get noticed as in any way similar to what is being done by protesters in reverse, in fact they see it as an attack that should be met with the police and the courts.

tantrumIn a previous post I have mentioned the uncanny ability to become incensed when their own weapons of PR and Marketing are used against them, well this is a prime example of such behavior.

Watching the Environmental Minister blustering away at the terrible iniquity of Ben & Jerry is similar to watching a recalcitrant toddler wheedle his away around bed-time and when failing throwing a tantrum by tossing all his toys around.  The only problem is this toddler and his federal little friends can do a great deal of damage before earning a time out in opposition.


Much could be lost and I’m not just talking about the beauty of one of the Greatest Natural Wonders of this World but some amazing scientific discoveries that are being made.  For example an amazing and potentially world health changing discovery has recently been made.  An article from IFL Science goes on to explain:

Whilst screening the National Cancer Institute’s extract repository, scientists discovered a new class of proteins from a feathery coral found in Australian waters. It transpires that these proteins, called cnidarins, are in fact potent inhibitors of HIV entry into T-cells in laboratory tests.

At a time when over 35 million people worldwide are infected with HIV and current treatments are not curative, focusing on the prevention of new infections is paramount in confronting this global problem. HIV has also presented significant challenges in the development of vaccines and none are so far available.


Contaminating the waters around this area or indeed around Australia could mean a change in the protein that may have negative impacts on future efficacy and that is just one of the many things that we could lose. Of course our Federal government may have been made aware of this if ONLY they hadn’t gutted funding to Research and removed the Ministry of Science and Research – great forward thinking on their part. Or maybe it was, after all they don’t want lots of nasty scientific evidence getting in the way of  economic advancement and ‘progress’.

information-highway-11860258Sadly for them we do live in an age where information is quite literally at our finger tips and what they wish to remain shrouded is cast into the light.  For the first time in history the populace has a voice unfiltered through mainstream media and the leanings of the day.

Social media has provided a platform to inform, entertain and just about any darn thing you can think of and EVERYONE who has access to the net has access to the information.  This has never happened during any time of flux during this worlds history and our governments are scrambling as well they should.

Let them, bring your voice to the table, learn what they would seek to hide and then choose. I’m not asking you to agree with me I’m asking you to think for yourselves and not allow this government to practice hypocrisy against others and hold those who they are supposed to represent in contempt by not allowing them the right to protest should they disagree.



13 thoughts on “What I’m Wondering this Wednesday.

  1. Wow, wow, wow Jenni. That’s just so wrong, so undemocratic, such lousy strategy, so anti-environment, so unconstitutional (right to assembly and protest), so stupid, so illogical, so unthinking, so likely to create a political backlash, that I wonder if the politicians doing it are really human. Are you sure that aliens intent on taking over the world haven’t inhabited the bodies of your politicians? They obviously lack even the most elementary understanding of human reaction and values and legal system, It is mind-blowing. there isn’t a lawyer in the world that wouldn’t want a piece of that action – is gaurenteed money and guaranteed win to take on the governement over this. Yikes. That is so stupid I just have a hard time believing it . If I came across this post randomly wthout knowing you Jenni or any of the background, I would burst into laughter at the so obvious fallacy of it. Yowzer. Well, keep bringing it to the public attention, for anyone that is aware can’t help but get behind you. And as an aside, I studied business, and I can assure you that Ben and Jerry’s is rubbing their hands in glee at the increase in their public awareness and customer aquisition. I mean after all, how could anyone not buy their ice cream when it meant doing social and environmental good while tasting great. Someone at B&J is a brilliant strategist.

    Thanks for the update Jenni – I truly enjoy your writing. Oh, by the way, I don’t have a website. I would like to set one up but I have an old laptop and it does not have the power or memory to set up or maintain a website. It freezes even when I do something simple like following a link from e-mail to a web site. I can’t even get on a site devoted to setting up a webpage – I’ve tried. And I live on a small disability pension and don’t have the money to update my computer. In fact if it failed, I couldn’t even afford replace it second hand. So here’s hoping it sticks together. I had cancer some years ago and the radiation treatment damaged my kidneys, so I’m on dialysis. The dialysis sometimes has a nasty side effect (and it did in my case) and causes periheral neuropathy, a condition that results in the loss of feeling and motor control in the legs. I can still walk on good days, but not very well. thanks for asking about my writing.


    • Sorry didn’t mean to intrude but I thought it was wrong that you took such an interest in my writing and I couldn’t find where your blog was. Let’s hope the computer you have keeps on ticking. On a personal note is the loss of motor control permanent or something you can recover with time and physio? If that’s rude to ask say so – I HATE people asking me about my health so I always careful with others.

      As for the post: It’s such a huge joke here and laughs just keep coming – the minister has even been on the news asking people to boycott the ice-cream.

      I have a sneaking suspicion his press secretary doesn’t like him and has been setting him up cause if not then I’m going with the whole not human idea you posed as that is the only thing that makes sense. NO ONE could be THAT stupid and gain office surely.

      My article was published on two of the national sites here in Australia along with a number of others who were just as gobsmacked. Most concentrated on the whole ice-cream thing – which I grant you is funny but I wanted to point out the obvious double standards going on which I think I did. I’ll give you an update in a few days when we see if the ACCC actually takes action or laughs the government out of the hearing.


      • No intrusion Jenni. I don’t bring it up unless it is appropriate to the conversation, as it sounds/is depressing. There is nothing wrong with my brain and I am able to hold down a job (dialysis can be scheduled for evenings or even overnight). However no employer wants to touch me because of what they see as a potential health liabilities. I’ve aced interview after interview and have impecccable credentials, including an MBA – no dice. Sure there are other very good people out there in my field, but after 2 years of searching, one would think I’d have had a decent chance.Anyway, to your question about PN – it is poorly understood and occurs in patients with long-term illnesses not limited to dialyisis patients. It looks like some kind of complex chemical interaction of which very little or nothing is known. Some very prestigious institutions including the Mayo Clinic, have tried to nail it down with no luck. As long as the physical conditions remain the same, the condition wil persist. In dialysis patients, it somtimes goes away if a transplant is successful. I am at the top of the list for a transplant but have asked to have it postponed. The reason is that I currently have a small amount of function in one kidney and consequently am not on a renal diet (which is very strict – bascally manually controlling all nutritional inputs, including fluids) or have to control fluid intake. The reason why is that a transplant will likely result in the cessation of the small amount of function I currently have naturally. And transplants require a lifetime of anti-rejection drugs , some of which have wcked side effects – including regular cataract removal. Also, there is no way yet to match kidneys well. A transplant is a crap shoot. There are no gaurentees and more fail than take. There is one dialysis patient of about 45 that I see regularly and he has had 3 transplants and all failed.

        So, PN is basically a mystery and it will not change positively naturally. However, it can and often does get worse although it sometimes plateaus and stays the same. No way to tell.

        I am honored that you wish to read more of what I write, but unfortunately I don’t have anything published either electronically or physically. I still hold out some hope of employment but meanwhile am checking out various writers and their voices. I have always been interested in writing and have been too busy in life to explore it. Even from a very early age – elementary school – I’ve felt happy writing. I would like to explore the options. A sort of second “career” -although I’m aware that making a living at it is unlikely.

        So, thank you for your interest Jenni, but for now I only comment – maybe that will change.


  2. Ben and Jerry Ice Cream founders are the ultimate green saving team of men. They go out of their way to do what is earth right. They pay a living way to their employees and try to recycle… Chunky Monkey is on of my favorite ice creams…


  3. WoW………I am completely amazed at the lengths idiots will go to divert attention from themselves and falsely accuse those with outstanding ethics. Shaking my head. Ridiculous is what it is.


  4. To say I enjoyed and was edified by you post goes without saying. As yeseventhistoowillpass mentioned; Ben & Jerry’s have been forthright tree-huggers from the very beginning; perhaps its their integrity that invites these attacks? But no, most politicians wouldn’t recognize integrity, no…its that they are getting better press coverage.
    I would make one point, if I may; if in the interest developing a vaccine for HIV, “scientists” should not have free access to the reef. Scientists look for money to continue their research, at this point science devolves into Big Pharm. The first Pharmaceutical company to develop that vaccine will rake in hundreds of billions and control of several small highly infected nations and the health of the reef is a small price to pay.
    Untouched, the reef is struggling for existence and without it a magnificent ecosystem unique to all the world. Miracle of miracles, there are some small signs of health, a rebirth that simple people could not have dreamed of, healing in ways the astonish…everyone.
    If scientists have extracted enough of this unique protein, they have enough to replicate.
    Why don’t we leave the reef alone and just watch and hopefully learn how to heal the planet one tiny animal at a time.


    • I second the motion of leaving the reef in peace and I was only using the water protein as an example of one of the many offerings that nature can give us if left unpolluted and undamaged.


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