Oh We’re On A Roll Here

anti protest laws


Just received this update from some friends at Guardian news and let me tell you if I was mighty riled before I’ve shot straight past angry into the land of spluttering WTF.  So wait for it – dummm da dummmm

Victoria’s anti-protest laws pass lower house by one vote

These controversial new laws give police powers to disperse protests and arrest people for breaching a move-on order.  Can you can fascist ’cause I sure can and will at the top of my voice.

All right now for all you who may have missed my previous ravings rants discussions lets just have a recap here.  So far in 2014 the Australian Government at both State & Federal Levels have gone completely nuts decided to:

  1. Attack grass-roots groups such as GetUp and other bodies for being anti-government.
  2. Reassessed for the positive dumping nuclear waste in South Australia
  3. Turned their backs on reports of suicide, torture and abuse in the camps holding the asylum seekers.
  4. Sent those asylum seekers to another country near by and paid them to take them (makes sooo much sense)
  5. Agreed to the dumping of sludge in the Great Barrier Reef
  6. Sort to have the Reef’s protected status revoked internationally
  7. Agreed to Fracking in NSW and SE Qld both in farming areas and in Qld almost over the water table that feeds into large parts of our farming community.  CGS
  8. Agreed to expand the coal terminal at Abbot Point against the advice or numerous groups here and internationally.
  9. Tried to find a sneaky way to introduce a national ID that only serves to further alienate those who are the least protected in our society and deny them a voice.
  10. Passed laws allowing police to break up rallies – even peaceful ones and arrest any who decide to stay.

You know what it’s still only February and there is a lot more of varying degrees of crap I didn’t include in my top ten to do with cuts in health and education.

Think I’m going to watch Les Mis (not the movie but the DVD of the opera) again tonight just to stay in the mood – nothing like inciting revolution to help you sleep at night.


5 thoughts on “Oh We’re On A Roll Here

  1. Oh, for the days, of anti-Vietnam and anti-Springbok tour protests on the streets of Brisbane and being dispersed and detained by police.

    A colleague, Wayne was a part of these marches; and like Quentin Crisp has a deep aversion to police dispersion; detainment; and monitoring of any kind. He also mentioned that apart from the shiny tone to my shoes I may have found my period of history during the protestations against the Bjkle-Peterson dictated police enforcement.


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