Having Some Fun this Friday with Abbott as Master of the House

8bcff8e3b6f527ab429ca98d460bc9e8In due deference to my Weekend of Funny Challenge I decided to make a little movie.  I would like to point out that Les Miserable and all parties attached to the project had no input to this little effort on my part other than supplying the lyrics.  As such blame for any disapproval rests with me.

I decided that even though there has been much to cause alarm this week, in fact much in the past few months, that it doesn’t hurt to take a lighter look at current events here in OZ.

I hope you enjoy my little parody of Master of the House as it is actually one of my favourite pieces of musical theater as is the entire production of Les Miserable.

Music_makes_you_smile_by_RainOfCakesSo this weekend I’d like you to think back and remember music that made you smile.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be humerous only something that gave you joy at one point or another.  Anyone who wants to participate just make sure to include the URL from this post so as to create a ping-back.  

This will enable everyone who reads this piece to go visit your blog.  If you have difficulty doing this just send me the link or the details and I’ll put it up here at Unload and Unwind with a link to your blog for the credit.

I can’t wait to see what styles of music brings a smile to the faces of all those who are so kind as to follow me here at Unload and Unwind.  Have a great weekend.

[while it is mostly tongue in cheek there are sections that deal with some of the more negative impacts Abbott has had on life here in Australia]

10 thoughts on “Having Some Fun this Friday with Abbott as Master of the House

  1. That’s hilarious Jenni. Abbott really does look like Preciiiiioouus. Ha! Love that one. Well put together with the music. Have a great weekend. (Does Abbott still let you have those?)

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    • At the moment yes but he’s trying to stop the penalty rates for working on weekends so maybe not for much longer. Plus we all have to work harder and longer hours with the increase in utilities and petrol etc.


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