Musical Memories

Music_makes_you_smile_by_RainOfCakesContinuing with the theme of music that makes you laugh or smile I’ve decided  to share one of my fondest memories.  When my son was little his father and I would take turns singing him to sleep each night, not to mention at anytime during the day as music was something we all got a lot of pleasure from.

There were the traditional children’s songs but mostly it was music that each of us were drawn too.  Matt has his songs that he would sing and I had some that I would.

Looking back I can see that ‘perhaps‘ some of the song choices were not as one would deem ‘suitable‘ for a young child.  In fact Michael was most likely one of very few little boys who drifted happily off to sleep to the refrains of Music of the Night, Beneath the Opera House, Do You Hear The People Sing, On My Own and One Day More.

tumblr_mgy6f1mdYN1qgtjjjo2_500His favourite however was a little ditty sung by the character Gavroche from the Les Miserable production. This was not the best one for sleep but he liked it at any time of the day and as time went by we worked out little movements to go with the chorus.

I can still see him giggling like mad at the idea of a bee stinging a bear or a flea biting the bottom of the Pope.

I’ve always loved Les Miserable but now the best memories I have of it are tied to my son as a very young child. They are the best memories I have and whenever I hear this song in particular I remember that time and the sheer joy of sharing music and fun with family.  These memories gave me something to hold on too when things became quite dark for me so I thought I should bring them into the light by sharing them.

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