Friday Roast – Political Satire for the Weekend Funny Challenge

weekend loadingOkay when did it get to be the end of the week?  Did someone slip something in my drink so that I woke up to find the weekend nearly here.  I swear the last time I looked up from work it was Wednesday, well I think it was Wednesday.  Hmmm now I’m not so sure.

This week has just zoomed by leaving me feeling just a little woozy from the abrupt arrival of Friday, much like the feeling I had on September 8 of this year where we reached the One Year mark for the current LNP government here in the land of Oz.

tony Abbott3Now this past year hasn’t given us a lot to laugh about in terms of policy and the budget even if the players involved have given us a lot to laugh at.  As Robin Williams said about the Bush government, Tony Abbott and the LNP are a gift to comedy, self opening comedy pinjadas.  Well they may be self opening but nevertheless they still give me the desire to beat them with a stick.

To celebrate/commiserate or simply drown my sorrows I’ve decided to start this Weekend Funny Challenge with the ABC Roast of the first year in office under the Abbott government.  If you want to participate just respond to one of the posts and include the URL of the post in your blog piece to create a ping-back so that we can all go visit your blog.  This weekends theme of political satire may not be a new one but still I always look forward to seeing what others bring to the table.

This is just a short highlights version but trust me a toilet break now would not go astray as it is pee your pants funny.

12 thoughts on “Friday Roast – Political Satire for the Weekend Funny Challenge

  1. The Roast was hilarious Jenni. But it was a bit depressing – you guys really don’t have any viable options to get Abbott out of government, do you? There’s no strong altenative. Whew. May the force be with you. Great Post!

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  2. Good to have a window on Australian political commentary! At first, I was a little surprised by the level of bite, but then realized that I perceived it that way because here, we seem to toss off witty snarks for entertainment without much real bite behind them. Maybe in Australia, most of the media outlets aren’t owned by major corporations with an agenda to promote.


    • Well actually they are – all except the ABC which is an independent channel much like the way the BBC in the UK used to be. Add in the factor that while there is quite a lot of material to make fun of most of it really isn’t a laughing matter so there seems to be a bit of animosity threaded through the humour.

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