Abbott on the International Stage

Well I’ve been saying for awhile now that our Prime Minister is making us look foolish on the world stage but I never really imagined it would be this direct.  Following is a clip for Last Week Tonight which aired a segment lambasting Abbott on a variety of fronts.

23 thoughts on “Abbott on the International Stage

  1. Bwahahaha! uhmm – Sorry. Hahahaha! Sorry. Uhmmm, let’s see, he runs Australia? Hahaha! They must be smart folks to elect an idiot like that. Ha! Yes, he may be affecting the world’s opinion of Australia. Ha! But fear not, all countries have their idiots in public service to embarrass them. We have an admitted crack addict and seller- Rob Ford- as the mayor of our largest city – Toronto . He once said on camera, when questioned about prostitute use that he gets enough “pussy” at home. Oddly enough, even though actual public videos show him using, he hasn’t been charged yet. One of his drug colleagues, who used to act as his gov’t paid chauffer, was recently shot dead in a drug deal -likely over the fact that others are visible in the videos (incriminating). He’s actually running for re-election and recently had spelling mistakes on his billboards. Sigh. We all have our embarrassments. Keep your chin up Jenni.

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  2. Bloody hilarious clip, Jenni – but what a complete an utter arsehole he is. Mind you, our Tone (the Blair variety) was equally revolting, and looked pretty similar to your Tone. Bred in the same test tube, perchance? I say that because I am damned sure no human mating was responsible for either of them. Turkey-baster or Alien seduction would be my best guess. xxx


    • Mmmm I’m going with lab work myself, the old mad scientist idea OR some sort of Village of the Dammed idea, you know Village of the Tories – where they breed them [Abbott is a Brit by birth you see]


    • No argument from me – he’s like a wind-up toy whose battery is slowly running down add that impression to insane policies so out of step with the current climate and throw in a dash of being a puppet for major corps and we have a huge problem on our hands.


  3. Best laugh I’ve had in quite a while! As an American, I never thought I would say this, but now THERE’S a leader less articulate than George W Bush! How did a mouth like that end up as Prime Minister? Is he from a rich and powerful family, too?


    • [hanging head in shame] Nooo what he did was take advantage of the fact that the Labor party imploded with internal leadership brawls, promise no changes to education, health and the pension as well as ramping up the fear of ‘boat people’ to a ridiculous level. He’s been elected about 8 months and the whole country including dire hard conservatives are cringing every time he opens his mouth and protesting in the street regarding the recent federal budget. He’s clueless as to the fact that he’s out of step, when he was running some US news papers said he was as bad as Bush later they came out and said that was being unfair TO Bush. The only high point for me is that I didn’t vote for him but that doesn’t stop the cringe factor since a large number of Australians did.


      • Soooo…. is it difficult for the Conservatives to kick him out and elect another Prime Minister? They couldn’t possibly win the next election if he stays the full term, right?


      • No they won’t – but the changing of Prime ministers and resultant chaos that followed in the Labor party may hold some of them back until it is too late. The federal budget has yet to pass in the senate and if it doesn’t then the conservatives could be forced back to the polls within a few months – so far none of the opposition is prepared to make tradeoffs with the budget they’re all just blocking it which will lead to a a double dissolution of parliament. The irony here is that Abbott was calling for one against Labor for much less cause when the conservatives were in opposition and is now finding himself being ever so carefully backed into a corner. So there is a bright spot – if they go to the polls now they’ll lose and lose big time and the longer they stay away from the polls will only work to increase the % they will lose by.


      • This is fascinating! I can’t wait to see what happens in the end! Ahhh politics! So much theater and so little substance…. Back to Abbott for a moment. I am still befuddled what could be possibly going through his head when he utters those things. How could he possibly think that he could say them with impunity?


      • I did a post called A Salient Thought for Sunday about cognitive dissonance and why I think it explains just why he is unable to realize just how out of step he is with public opinion. Add to that the fact that he is an awful public speaker and it starts to make a little bit of sense.


  4. Glad to see that John Oliver hasn’t lost the skills he exhibited on The Daily Show. Of course, with raw material like Abbott, it isn’t too hard to poke fun. God help you in your troubles.


    • It’s awful the only people who are happy work in comedy. I mean he a gift to the stand up comedic – years worth of material in just the past 8 months.


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