Last Call for Weekend Funny Challenge

It is Monday here in the land of Oz but because of that pesky rotating axis it is still Sunday on the other side of the pond.  This is the final call for submissions for this weekends challenge and I’ve included one last one myself.  This is a ‘purported’ radio communication between the British and the Irish in 1998 however the actual transmission wasn’t released until 2001. It was put up by Funker530 and I won’t pretend to know if it is indeed true or not BUT will say this, given the countries involved, it’s VERY possible. What do you think?

just for fun



8 thoughts on “Last Call for Weekend Funny Challenge

  1. I’ve heard this joke before – it is still very funny. I don’t know if you’ve ever met any military commanders but they tend to have large egos.


    • That they do – I’ve had one person give me a link to a you tube clip of a similar conversation between US and Spain which is apparently the REAL version. It was pretty cool but I doubt that either one can be positively claimed as legit but they are funny nonetheless.


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