Whining on Wednesday

I will be posting later tonight but I’m have a ‘Wednesday‘ sorta day so instead of falling into morose prose with a hint of whining I’m going to re-read the federal budget [won’t cheer me up but will piss me off, which is just as fun], make some extra notes on what I want to write about, have some dinner, read a book and THEN I should be ready to face putting together the piece I planned.

Until then I think this adequately expresses my opinion on the middle or hump day of the week.

after tuesday the calendar says wtf


Image courtesy of Aunty Acid

17 thoughts on “Whining on Wednesday

    • I was trying to convince myself it was Thursday but it didn’t work. I do love you sending the email however – working from home I sometimes do get the days muddled and it’s something I can see myself doing. 😀


  1. I was debating at 2AM whether or not I’d be at my day job this morning. After checking my bank balance I decided to get up 5 hours later and here I am. It’s foggy and dreary here in Maryland. Money truly is the root of all evil. 😉 Have a good day.

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    • Brilliant response to the issues raised. I still haven’t come down off the ceiling enough to calm my brain down to properly respond to this nightmare of a budget. I’m still in shock – I knew it would be bad, very bad but I really didn’t expect the massive cuts to social welfare to be that huge or that obvious.


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