Wednesday – A Bit of Whimsy for the Thought of the Day

Whimsical thought for wed


This sums up my liking for humor even in the darkest of times.

Some things could drain the life out of you if you forget what it is to laugh even when no one else understands why.

Image courtesy of Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

16 thoughts on “Wednesday – A Bit of Whimsy for the Thought of the Day

  1. Unless of course you visit the dentist as I did today and he screws up leaving me in agony, unable to find humour in anything and with an overwhelming desire to commit murder! Other than that small detail great post young lady.


  2. Excellent advise Jenni. I practice it faithfully, often to my detriment. I got thrown out of my Grandmother’s funeral (she passed away in hospital at 92) for that – although I still insist I was an innocent bystander. Ha! I went with my Mother to her Mother’s funeral and was appropriately solemn (on my best behaviour). At the viewing, the funeral parlor had a coffee room in the rear of the building where (at the time, but no longer) smoking was permitted and coffee and tea were served. My Uncle Frank (my Mother’s brother) was holding court there and was telling stories. Frank was the oldest in the family of eight and he was a character. He always had a joke ready and a smile – but he was a scallywag. Anyway, there were about 6 of us smoking, drinking coffee and laughing at Frank’s stories (I will forever insist that I was helping to cheer up the eldest son at the time of his greatest sorrow), when my Mother burst into the room and started to berate me. Apparently my very loud laughter was embarassingly noticeable at the casket side where many were trying hard to mourn. I was informed that I was lacking in the proper decorum and I was no longer welcome at the funeral home. I was ejected. I still say it was all Frank’s fault but how could I blame the bereft son of the deceased?

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    • Hmpf – I think my issue with the dentist goes back to that old movie Little Shop of Horrors and the scene with a VERY young Jack Nicholson and the dentist singing about the sadism of dentistry.


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