Whimsy this Wednesday

whimsy for wednesdayImage courtesy of IFLScience which is one of my favorite sites.

Gave me quite the laugh when I thought about it.

If you’re interested in an interesting piece of jewelry here are the links for the Dopamine and the Serotonin earrings.

10 thoughts on “Whimsy this Wednesday

  1. Very true Jenni and also a good argument for intelligent design. Most system work that way – an apparently infinite number of outcomes (i.e how many behaviours or situations could ,make you feel good?) actually narrows down to a few or even one basic idea or construct. For instance all matter (infinite possibilities) is made up of only three partcles – electrons, neutrons and protons – which in and of themselves may only be made of one particle: Higgs boson. Likewise, all the infinite diversity of life is made up of DNA which is only 4 molecules (a fifth is swapped for one of the 4 in RNA)., Numerous complex concepts that are universal drivers share commn definitons, for instance Love and Gravity can both be defined as “desire to be one with”-completely different applications and yet the same definition. The level of organization and integration needed to do that is far far beyond what we can do and suggests a huge intelligence. (assuming you agree that organization and integration are the hallmarks of intelligence – which some don’t but I do) Great post! Thanks!


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