Couldn’t Resits Another Silly Sign for Saturday

And I thought Australia was dangerous

And I thought Australia was dangerous

Obviously budget cuts have been more expensive that previously thought if some of the environmental and wildlife preserves have taken this option to supplement the feeding supplies.

Either that or the alligators here are a hell of a lot smarter than we would like them to be. ย That’s just plain spooky – they’re all lined up waiting for the next meal, it’s like a drive-through meets a drive-by.

So, Okay they’re not as big as our crocodiles but damn they have the numbers on any passing biker or hiker and I really doubt that they actually need them to pull over to the side of the road to indulge in fine Hi-Way dining.

20 thoughts on “Couldn’t Resits Another Silly Sign for Saturday

      • Not mention, ‘Better in than out!’ and, ‘A foot/hand/head in the belly is worth two in the bush…’ Gives whole, and macabre, new insight into that old favourite, ‘Later, Gator!’ does it not?!


      • I just snorted my drink through my nose – THANK YOU VERY MUCH – better out than in, next thing you know you’ll be trotting the the thousands starving in Africa that mum would bring up if I wouldn’t eat my pumpkin [over boiled pumpkin has no place in this world -roast yummy -boiled – bio hazard container needed] lolxx


  1. This has to be Florida.. They were holding a golf game in Florida when an alligator made it’s way onto the tee.. The caddy simply pushed it off with a rake.. I’ve never seen an alligator out of a zoo…


      • Oh gods no – Well when we lived at Sarina Beach there was one that the floods had brought down and left in the mangroves just down from us. Gave the fishermen quite the fright I can tell you but the captured him and sent him home. We don’t have alligators we’ve got crocodiles both of which are pretty freaky I grant you but Crocs get HUGE.


      • Don’t you tell your kids ” Kids to out and play but be careful of brown snakes, pythons massive spiders crocs and drunk koalas… Oh and combative kangaroos.” Time check it’s 704 am Saturday here…


      • 1.15 am Sunday morning here.

        In the burbs it’s mostly the standard – don’t take candy from strangers, don’t go into the ceiling/attic and look both ways when you cross the street oh and if you see a snake just stand still.

        Camping or living further into the bush it’s more like – check your shoes before putting them on, check the seat of the toilet for red-back spiders, don’t strip the paperbark off the paperbark trees [very large spiders hide under there to catch birds], don’t mess around the with the ant hills, avoid the tall grass [snakes] don’t swim near the mangroves and don’t poke fun or tease any of the native animals.

        Oh and in both the burbs and further out in Spring watch out for the Plover nests – they nest on the ground and the birds guard the territory and they have these talon style hooks under their wings that will open your scalp in a flash.


      • If you get a chance go see The Railway Man with Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman who is Australian.. We were chatting about your grandfathers experiences and all I could think of was your grandfather…


  2. That has to be the funniest picture I’ve seen in a long, long time Jenni. I laughed out loud. The subtlety is wonderful, It took me about 30 seconds to recognize the outlines of the alligators. Hilarious!


  3. Oh my gosh this is great! Thanks for the laugh! This reminds me of when a town decided to move the Deer Crossing sign from one spot to another simply because they wanted it moved. Many in the town protested that the deer couldn’t read the sign and wouldn’t know they had to cross in a different place! ๐Ÿ™‚


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